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GRAMMY Museum Experience Mini-Masterclass -  


The Alarm capture zeitgeist on new album. Inspired by current events, the Welsh rock band wrote, recorded, and released a new album, start to finish, in just 50 days. CNN's Rick Damigella has the story HERE






WAR' (RAW in reverse) Out Now exclusively via




Watch the Video HERE

"Safe From Harm" video shot on location at Rockfield Studios (in same room that Queen recorded "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Coldplay wrote and recorded "Yellow")

Live Performance of "FailHERE


"With Peters always being a fan of The Clash, ift he enigmatic band had still been together in 2021 chances are they would sound something like this...  The spirit of '76 is as strong as ever with this album of strength, solidarity and survival.

"Tribes (Stop The War) is the type of song U2 should be recording these days as Peters observes "Capitol Hill is occupied, flags are upside down" on a track that combines The Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil with plenty of social comment to boot." - Yorkshire Times HERE

Read more about the new album HERE


The Alarm’s brand-new album WAЯ was completed by last Friday, in order to be serviced around the world at midnight on February 25th/26th via the world’s digital music suppliers. In order to combat production times and to have physical product available immediately, the band advance-released the album (without music) in a special CD-Rom format. Fans can then burn their own copy of the finished record. The album’s writing and recording creative process only commenced on 7th January 2021, but the band promised finished tracks will be sent electronically to fans once the final mix and mastering process took place.

WAЯ is also available to pre-order as a hand-cut vinyl LP and pre-loaded CD which will be released to fans on February 25th (Alarm lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Peters' birthday).


Photo credit: Andy Labrow
Click image for high res download

Mike, along with band members James Stevenson (guitars) and Smiley (drums) The Alarm & producer George Williams, are currently writing and recording the record from scratch using their own isolation studios. Mike’s wife, Jules Jones Peters has been documenting the recording process and creating a very incisive fly on the wall vision of Mike Peters and The Alarm at work, sharing regular videos online at

The band have certainly kept their fans entertained throughout the lockdown, hosting weekly BIG NIGHT IN broadcasts over the internet, all live from Mike and Jules Peters living room. 23 shows have been transmitted so far, raising the spirits of over 600,000 viewers who have been able to watch live interviews, acoustic performances from the Jukebox stage with rare and unseen Alarm videos from the past, present and future. The most recent episode focused on Mike and Jules Peters charity Love Hope Strength and highlighted the work achieved by the founders, supporters and musicians who have built and supported cancer centres and life-saving initiatives in Africa, Nepal, Israel and South America. Throughout this time, Jules has been mentoring many women diagnosed with breast cancer, while Mike Peters was recently awarded an MBE for his services to cancer.

Because we are on the vulnerable list, Jules and I have just been vaccinated against Covid-19. We feel lucky to be alive, and now there is tremendous and realistic hope for the future”, says band frontman Mike. “I want the new record to be a document literally created in this collective moment in history, to reflect the human response and will to survive that we have all experienced by living in these unprecedented times. The responsive nature of the writing and recording this record has given rise to some radical thinking on how to instantly release the album into the modern ‘locked down’ world via all the major formats - stream, download, CD and LP. I think we have found a way that will get this record out to all our fans in one beautiful moment, and we will all be able to share in the joy of release day / my birthday, when we broadcast a special edition of the Big Night In on February 25th 2021”

Once the final master has been mastered in Los Angeles by the legendary Howie Weinberg (Howie mastered The Alarm’s 2019 album ∑ Sigma, which entered the UK Rock Chart at No.1), a specialist cutting-house has been engaged in the UK to hand-cut as many pre-ordered vinyl copies as possible.

The digital edition of WAЯ is being distributed internationally by InGrooves who have already paved the way for this groundbreaking release to appear on all digital service provider platforms from Midnight on February 25 / 26th.

The album artwork has also been created in advance, with each CD/LP having the album title and band logo hand painted onto the cover by Mike Peters personally, with the track listing left intentionally blank so that fans can write in the song titles themselves, once they receive the completed work.

"I really want the fans to have access to WAЯ as soon as it is finished”, continues Mike.We have set ourselves a very tight deadline, the music is literally being created out in the open for all to see and hear. The technology is there, the intention is there, and the fans are ready and waiting to play it LOUD. As it says in one of the new song titles - “WE GOT THIS”.

The Alarm – ‘WAЯ’ is available to order/pre-save now exclusively via


A New Chapter in Alarm History

February 25th 2021

Introducing a new chapter in Alarm History.

Thirty years ago, the Michael Peters Organisation (MPO) was born and a direct line of communication between the fans and artist was established.

Nobody really knew it back then, but it was the beginnings of the way Mike Peters and The Alarm would consistently interact with their audience and release music, all the way through the remainder of the 21st Century and beyond, into this new era.

Today, I am pleased to inform you all of the next phase of our direct way of sharing music and information by announcing the launch of THE ALARM CENTRAL.  Go direct to


THE ALARM CENTRAL is a brand new platform that will create a unique new way of interaction and form a one stop destination for all things Mike Peters and The Alarm.

Once, there was The Alarm Fan Club, then came the MPO and the open phone line, which in turn, led us to the internet and the Alarm website, followed by Facebook, You tube, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media. Now, in 2021, comes The Alarm CENTRAL.

I truly believe this new platform – THE ALARM CENTRAL will allow us all to come together in a place where I can share my intimate knowledge and vast personal archive, of all things related to The Alarm and my musical career – past, present and future.

When I started creating my original scrapbook back in 1975 and my musical journey was beginning, little did I realise how it would turn into a Chapel full of memorabilia and a studio filled with musical memories and space for new creation. The Alarm CENTRAL will be a new destination, where I can share everything I have collected and ultimately pass on all of the knowledge that I have stored up since the beginning.

I have never been one for over-sharing personally and directly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. as it all felt too disconnected from who I am as a person. The Alarm CENTRAL is a safe space that allows me the freedom and control to communicate directly with friends, supporters, fans and allies who care as much about The Alarm’s music and history as I do.

The Alarm CENTRAL will also be the future home for the BIG NIGHT IN, which will be transmitting again on the night of February 27th, in a special interactive event celebrating the release of WAR¯ by THE ALARM.

The new album WAR¯ by THE ALARM will also be playing digitally inside THE ALARM CENTRAL from February 26th, along with a chance to see the published lyrics for the very first time. The Alarm CENTRAL will be open for viewing on February 25th (my Birthday), with the the first ever worldwide screening of The White Count – a film which documents the creation of the Alarm’s recent albums Blood Red, Viral Black, Equals and Sigma.

The Alarm CENTRAL allows for positive and open communication through The Alarm Fan Wall and access to some exclusive ‘digitally out of print’ Alarm albums such as ‘Under Attack’, ‘Guerilla Tactics’ and ‘In The Poppy Fields Collected Works’.

Over the course of the coming months and years, everything The Alarm has ever recorded and every single one of the (now over 120 titles) on the Twenty First Century Recording Company label, will be made available for subscribers to listen to at their leisure..

I don’t think there is a record store in the world that could cope with stocking all our official and unofficial titles but The Alarm Central will become the most amazing Alarm record store on the planet, ultimately populated by all the music I have ever been involved with creating.

In time, it can become home for the bootleg tapes and mixing board recordings I have collected. A place for outtakes and demos, plus all the official cornerstone album releases, starting from before Declaration and continuing after WAR and all points in between.

The Big Night In will be broadcasting weekly again from July 1st and will endeavour to tell this incredible story through the voices of those who were there with me at all the important milestones.

The Alarm Central will be the only place where this will be seen, with fans being able to post their own stories, and recollections as the story is told throughout 2021 and beyond deeper into The Alarm’s 40th Anniversary year – which begins with the release of History Repeating on June 4th.

All annual subscribers will receive a Welcome Gift in the form of an exclusive Alarm CD that features a studio recording of the Alarm’s Vans Warped Tour Set from 2017.

This is an incredible recording that takes listeners from Marching On to Two Rivers in one exhilarating non-stop 35 minutes of high energy rock music, recorded to make sure we had a dynamic and ultra tight set that would connect The Alarm to a brand new audience. I have always wanted the recording to be released. The Alarm Central allows me to do just that!

Access to The Alarm Central is available to all (even those without a subscription), allowing fans to always see the latest Live Streams, find the latest news, ticket and tour date information and more.

Alarm Central subscribers will however, be able to interact with myself directly, along with the ability to post their own messages and photos (not just read and look at them). Alarm Central subscribers will be able to listen to all of the music and see all the videos (some titles will be exclusive to subscribers only). Alarm Central subscribers  will be able to watch every episode of the BIG NIGHT IN and receive notification of exclusive Live Streams, news posts and all the latest and archive music releases from Mike Peters and The Alarm.

The Alarm Central will be available to view from February 25th 2021 with the online premiere of The White Count and more.

Welcome to a new chapter in Alarm History.

Mike Peters 2021

Broadcasting live from across the pond at their home in North Wales every Saturday, 
The Alarm's Mike & Jules Peters present "The Big Night In" via their official facebook page here: .

Livestreams will begin at 9:00 p.m. UK, 4:00 p.m. ET and 1:00 p.m. PT.

Dedications, rare, unseen & brand new videos and live interviews with band members and musical friends and collaborators. Each week features live music direct from The Jukebox Stage with Mike Peters!

View all of the "Big Night In" episodes here



THE ALARM – Biography

Photo credit : Jules Jones Peters
Click image for high resolution download

The Alarm was made in Wales, UK and by the time of 1981's debut single 'Unsafe Building', featured a daring mix of amped-up acoustic guitars, harmonica and passionate vocals that invited the enduring description “Bob Dylan meets The Clash”. 

This is the sound of The Alarm that has been heard around the world ever since, with 17 Top 50 UK singles, a host of successful albums and over 6 million album sales worldwide.

Following an initial breakthrough in the USA with 1983's 'The Stand’ (that recently triggered over 2 million Spotify hits after featuring in the Netflix’ TV series ‘13 Reasons Why’), alongside the evergreen 'Sixty Eight Guns' that entered into the UK chart soon after, The Alarm headlined their own 'Spirit of '86 Concert' before 26,000 fans in Los Angeles, that was beamed around the world via MTV's first ever live global satellite broadcast.

In the summer of 1991, the demands of the road were at the heart of a very public swan song for the original members at London's Brixton Academy, before the current line up re-emerged causing worldwide controversy in 2004 through The Poppy Fields 'fake band' escapade. 

Released to conceal their true identity, the Alarm's first single of the millennium - '45 RPM' would ultimately take their signature electro-acoustic sound back into the UK top 40 and even further into the mainstream rock culture of North America via a Headline News TV appearance with Dan Rather.

The Alarm's return was halted almost immediately when, in late 2005, Mike Peters was diagnosed with an incurable cancer (A rare B-cell form of Leukaemia), forcing the band into playing select shows, dictated by the chemotherapy / treatment regime that has kept Mike Peters alive ever since.

In January 2006, Mike Peters was given the go ahead to resume normal duties and the group continued with the release of 'Under Attack' and another Top 30 single - 'Superchannel'.


A year later, Mike Peters founded Love Hope Strength - which is dedicated to 'Saving Lives One Concert At A Time’ and can now lay claim to having registered over 250,000 individuals to the International Bone Marrow Donor Registry through its 'Get On The List' program in the UK / USA.

Despite travelling from relapse to remission and back (as documented by 2017’s award winning US Movie release - ‘Man In the Camo Jacket’), The Alarm family suffered another cruel blow, when Jules Peters (Keyboards), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer during filming of a BBC Documentary about the band. Broadcast nationally as ‘Mike and Jules – While We Still Have Time’, the raw footage touched many people’s lives and featured a moving tribute from Bono of U2.

In 2018, Mike Peters and The Alarm continued to be creative, releasing the critically acclaimed album Equals. In 2019, The Alarm released another new album Sigma (which entered the UK Rock charts at Number One), and their song ‘Rain In the Summertime’ was covered by both The Killers and Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan. Mike Peters services to cancer care were acknowledged with an MBE award at Buckingham Palace.

In 2021, Mike Peters and The Alarm will celebrate their 40th Anniversary 1981 - 2021 with a concert on June 5th 2021 at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff an event that Sold Out in minutes.

The story continues at



Photo credit: Stuart Ling
Click image for high resolution download.









Photo credit: Stuart Ling
Click image for high resolution download.












Photo credit: Dave Coombs
Click image for high res download











Photo credit: Stuart Ling
Click image for high res download














Photo credit: Andrew Labrow
Click image for high res download











Photo credit: Andrew Labrow
Click image for high res download








Photo credit: Andy LaBrow
Click image for high resolution download










The Alarm was made in Wales, UK and by the time of 1981's debut single 'Unsafe Building', featured a daring mix of amped-up acoustic guitars, harmonica and passionate vocals that invited the enduring description “Bob Dylan meets The Clash”. 

This is the sound of The Alarm that has been heard around the world ever since, with 17 Top 50 UK singles, a host of successful albums and over 6 million sales worldwide, a career that has also seen founding member Mike Peters sing on stage with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and U2.

In fact, The Alarm scored their first chart success in the USA in 1983 with 'The Stand', before flying back from America to make their first UK TV appearance on Top Of The Pops, notching up their first British chart hit with the rousing 'Sixty Eight Guns’. The hit 'Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?' was to follow in early 1984 before the release of their debut LP, ‘Declaration', which went to Number 6 on the UK chart.

The Alarm's second album, 'Strength' (the title track becoming The Alarm's first U.S. Top 40 hit), was released in 1985 and spawned the autobiographical 'Spirit of '76'. It was at this time The Alarm made history by playing the world's very first global satellite concert, live from Los Angeles. An estimated audience of 26,000 fans turned up on the day for the original ‘Spirit Of ‘86’ concert that was ultimately watched by millions around the world. The set list included all The Alarm’s greatest hits of the time such as ‘The Stand, ‘Absolute Reality, ‘Sixty Eight Guns’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Spirit Of ‘76’, songs that would see The Alarm break North America on a grand scale.

The 1987 album, 'Eye Of The Hurricane', followed with the international hit, 'Rain In The Summertime', backed by a series of world tours (including an extended US outing with Bob Dylan). The release of the band's first live mini album 'Electric Folklore', furthered The Alarm's reputation for engaging live shows.

'Change', The Alarm's fourth studio album was released in late 1989), and the band saw out the '80’s with a sell-out concert in New York City were they were joined on stage by Neil Young to perform 'Rockin' In the Freeworld'. 'Change' went on to become a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with 'A New South Wales' reaching the UK Top 40 in 1990 and 'Sold Me Down the River' becoming a U.S. Number 1 Rock Hit.

'Raw' was the last record to feature the original line-up of the band when, in the summer of 1991, the demands of the road were at the heart of a very public swan song at London's Brixton Academy. 

A decade of solo action followed with guitarist Dave Sharp releasing 'Hard Travelling' in the month after Brixton and (following a relocation to New Orleans later in 1994), a second solo album - Downtown America.

In 1992, The Alarm became one of the first bands to have a dedicated internet site when Mike Peters registered the domain and to coincide, founded ‘The Gathering’, an 'Alarm' event held in North Wales which now attracts fans from all over the world.

Throughout the rest of the nineties, Mike Peters went on to establish himself as a respected solo artist with the release of the independent long player 'Breathe' in 1994 (Number 5 on album chart), followed by 'Feel Free' (1996) and 'Rise' (1998), two records which would document Mike Peters first engagement with the cancer (Leukaemia), that has followed him throughout life ever since. The recording sessions for 'Rise' featured a guest collaboration with the then ex-The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy and in 1998 the two created a short lived band called Coloursøund which (following an appearance at SXSW), attracted widespread interest within the music industry. A headline gig at London's LA2 was seen by original Alarm bass player Eddie Macdonald and The Cult vocalist Ian Astbury. Soon after The Cult was back together and reiginiting their career by playing at the new Woodstock Festival and an album of Coloursøund demos was released retrospectively.

In 1999, Peters went on to record a fourth solo album that formed the soundtrack to the stage play - 'Flesh & Blood', the recording sessions saw Mike Peters reunite with original Alarm song writing partner Eddie Macdonald. Following this collaboration, Mike Peters and Eddie Macdonald decided to reconvene as - The Alarm (without, but with the blessing of Dave Sharp and drummer Nigel Twist). Originally billed as The Alarm MM, the reconstituted band featured Mike Peters and Eddie Macdonald, backed by members of the Mike Peters solo band, namely guitarist James Stevenson (Gen X, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Cult), bass player Craig Adams (Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult) and drummer Steve Grantley (Stiff Little Fingers).

The band's first dates were with fellow Celt Rockers - Big Country but after just eight dates including a concert at London's Shepherds Bush Empire, Eddie Macdonald decided to quit, leaving Mike Peters to forge a path that would lead to the release of new Alarm music.

In 2000, 'The Alarm Complete Collection’ box set was released, bringing together The Alarm’s entire 1980's musical output into a nine-CD box set, along with a bonus ‘audio dedication’ CD personally recorded by Mike Peters.

In 2003, and in just 5 months, the 'In The Poppy Fields Bond' was written, recorded and released (via the website). A massive five album, 59 song set, that allowed the new line up to come of age with new music of its own and ready to face the world as a creative force once again.

In late 2003, the cameras of VH1 struck and brought the original band members together to perform for the show Bands Re-United at La Scala in Kings Cross. In the aftermath, everyone once again, went their separate ways with Mike Peters taking the 'new' Alarm back to the USA for the 'The Alarm Make A Stand In The USA Tour', which involved the band playing New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles on a weekly basis over one month.

In 2004, The Alarm's first brand new single of the millennium - '45 RPM' would ultimately take their signature electro-acoustic sound into the UK top 40, into the mainstream rock culture of North America causing worldwide controversy at the same time.

'The Poppy Fields' "fake band" escapade was conceived to conceal the identity of The Alarm from a media concerned with only playing brand new bands and brand new music.

The true identity of The Alarm was eventually revealed by the BBC on Top Of The Pops and instantly triggered a rush of global media exposure, culminating in a US TV appearance on CBS Headline News with Dan Rather.

Following this unlikely success, a new record deal with EMI was signed although The Alarm's return to prominence was halted almost immediately when, in late 2005, Mike Peters was re-diagnosed with an incurable cancer (A rare B-cell form of Leukemia), forcing the band into playing select shows only, dictated by the chemotherapy / treatment regime that has kept Mike Peters alive ever since.

In January 2006, Mike Peters was given the go ahead to resume touring duties and the group continued with the release of 'Under Attack' which was bolstered by another Top 30 record in the shape of 'Superchannel' and live anthem Without A Fight'.

In that same year, Mike Peters was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Welsh Music Awards and also coming eleventh in a Welsh Assembly Government-backed poll of the top 100 Welsh heroes. 

Whilst continuing with a lengthy rehabilitation program of constant chemotherapy throughout 2007, Mike Peters founded the Love Hope Strength charity which is dedicated to 'Saving Lives - One Concert At A Time’ and now firmly established as one of the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundations with over 3,500 lives potentially saved through its 'Get On The List' program.

At the beginning of 2008, Mike Peters and The Alarm recorded an Eight EP Collection - 'The Counter Attack Collective', that gave birth to the single album 'Guerilla Tactics' that was released on the day Mike Peters performed an 'pop up' concert in New York's Times Square. The album's opening cut 'Three Sevens Clash' was released to American Rock Radio and made it's way into the top 5.

In 2010, the Direct Action album followed with the cover version of 'One Guitar', that would later be performed by Bruce Springsteen along with writer Willie Nile, and a guest appearance from Mike Peters. The 'Direct Action' tour saw the band tour North America and the U.K. only this time (following the departure of Steve Grantley to take up a full time role with Stiff Little Fingers), with new permanent drummer 'Smiley'  from Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.

The ‘Sound and the Fury’ album was released in 2011 to mark The Alarm's 30th Anniversary. The ‘Sound and the Fury’ featured re-workings of songs from all eras of the band’s history. 

On New Years Eve in that same year, Mike Peters walked out onto the stage at Glasgow's ABC to take up guest vocal duties with Big Country and sing for his long time friend and original Big Country vocalist / guitarist - the late Stuart Adamson, whom Mike had met onstage while performing with U2 back in 1983.  

Mike Peters continued to tour with Big Country throughout 2012/13, going so far as to record an album of original material entitled 'The Journey' that was received enthusiastically by fans and critics alike.

2013 was also the year of the cinematic release of the Alarm / Poppy Fields inspired movie - 'Vinyl' starring Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia/Blur), Keith Allen, Perry Benson and Jamie Blackley. Rreleased to British cinemas nationwide the 'Vinyl' - Soundtrack Album and Tour featured a collection of brand new Alarm music composed specifically for the film such as the movie's recurring theme song 'Free Rock And Roll' which was recorded by The Alarm with 'Vinyl' star Phil Daniels on guest vocals.

In 2014/15 respectively, The 30th Anniversary of The Alarm albums - Declaration (2014) and Strength (2015), were acknowledged with the release of newly recorded collections (including companion discs 'Peace Train' and 'Majority' respectively).

The new recordings centred on re-imagined takes of all the songs and b-sides from each period. A two year commitment to constant touring from Mike Peters, featured full length presentations of each of the albums via a unique one-one man band 'Mike Peters presents The Alarm' stage show that took Mike Peters all around the world.

In April 2014, the reworked 'Declaration' album was presented 'live' on BBC Wales with a stripped back 'acoustic / orchestral' version of The Alarm and the Welsh Symphony Orchestra. A surprise video message from all the members of U2 singing Alarm anthem 'Blaze Of Glory', went viral on the internet.

A second concert to celebrate the anniversary of the 'Strength' album took place at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff in October 2015 with The Alarm again, backed by a huge orchestra (conducted by arranger John Quirk). The event was filmed and recorded for release as Poppies Falling From The Sky', which took it's title from the moment when millions of red poppies literally fell ‘from the sky’, and down on to the unsuspecting audience during the finale.

The 'Spirit of '86 event was revisited in 2016 as 'Mike Peters presents The Alarm' concert experience returned to UCLA, (the scene of the original MTV broadcast), and performed the exact same setlist at the James Bridges Theatre. An exhaustive tour followed with The Alarm making it's first ever appearance at Glastonbury Festival. 

That summer, Mike Peters wife Jules, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and tour dates had to be cancelled. The BBC filmed events surrounding the Peters family in real time and created the documentary 'Mike and Jules - While We Still Have Time', which also featured contributions from long time family friend Bono from U2. Whilst caring for his wife during this tense time, Mike Peters poured his feelings into song and before the year came to close, took The Alarm back into the recording studio to work on the new material.

2017 opened with a 25th Anniversary Gathering event (that was recorded by the BBC for a National Television Broadcast), and two first ever Gathering events in both New York and Los Angeles. Both the US Gathering events featured guest appearances (from Billy Duffy of The Cult in L.A.), and David Bowie producer Tony Visconti joining the band in New York to perform 'Sold Me Down The River' that he had originally produced in 1989. 

The US Gathering events also coincided with premiere screenings of the Mike Peters, Alarm, Love Hope Strength movie 'Man In The Camo Jacket', which received numerous awards on the American Film Festival Circuit and was also screened at the Grammy Museum in Hollywood. A vinyl edition of the movie soundtrack was released on Record Store Day with the band performing live at stores in California and with Jules Peters now in remission and on keyboards, the band joined up with the Vans Warped Tour for select US, for an 8 week 59 date coast to coast run including a special night at The Chapel, San Francisco during which the group were joined on stage by original drummer Nigel Twist.

A UK October Tour (with original Alarm guitarist Dave Sharp joining as special guest), would see The Alarm play out one of the most creative years in it’s history. A new album and tour dates are expected for 2018.




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