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Drag Race royalty Peppermint reveals she was almost on All Stars – and whether she’d go back in the future

Drag Race royalty Peppermint has revealed that she was almost a contestant on All Stars – and she has said she would be open to starring on a future season of the show.

Peppermint, who became the first out trans woman to be cast in RuPaul’s contest, told ET that Drag Race is “a brilliant platform” – and said she would be consider returning to the Werk Room in the future, despite the show’s patchy relationship with trans queens.

It’s not lost on me how significant and how much of a gift the opportunity of RuPaul’s Drag Race was for me and is for all the other queens that have been on there and will be on there,” Peppermint said.

“And again, I want to see every show involve trans people and queer people and non-binary people. I don’t want any show to be specific to just one gender or one sexuality or one race.

“I think that we’re all so much better when we have more diversity. I would love to see some more trans representation on Drag Race.

“I’ve been asked that question so many times – ‘Would you want to be the trans representation on the show again? Would you want to go back again?’ – and the answer is, absolutely. I would love to go back on Drag Race again.”

Drag Race star Peppermint turned down the chance to appear on All Stars because she was on Broadway at the time.

She continued: “I was asked to go on All Stars – I won’t say which season – and I couldn’t, because I was on Broadway at the time. So they called someone else.

“If the chance comes around [again], I would love to do it. I want to do as many different projects as possible.”

Peppermint also opened up about the power of the Black Lives Matter movement, saying society is “on the precipice of some really great change”.

“I think we are at a wonderful moment of great change, and change is always painful,” she said.

“Revolutionary change is about breaking down the systems, and right now, 2020, with everything that’s happening – especially in light of COVID – it’s provided us with a lot of time to reflect and to really address the problems that have been here in a way that is sincere and genuine and focused on actual change.”