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Loni Love talks stand-up comedy before Sun stop

    • Who: Comedian Loni LoveWhen: June 23-25Where: Comix Mohegan SunTickets: Available at
  • By Jim Konrad, (860) 425-4201 

    Posted Jan. 28, 2016 at 2:40 PM
    Updated Jan 28, 2016 at 2:46 PM 

    Editor's note: The following story has been updated from its original form to reflect Love has rescheduled her performance at Comix Mohegan Sun from Feb 4-6 to June 23-25.
    Loni Love is a burgeoning queen of all media.
    Her relationship guide, “Love Him Or Leave Him But Don't Get Stuck With The Tab,” is a hoot. She’s in Garry Marshall’s upcoming film, “Mother’s Day,” playing a woman who helps Jason Sudeikis’ character reconnect with his children after the death of his wife. And she’s one of the hosts of “The Real,” a hit syndicated daytime talk show in its second year.
    But for Love, stand-up comedy is tops. Originally scheduled to perform in February at Comix Mohegan Sun, she will now perform at the venue at the rescheduled dates June 23-25.
    Her stage show is topical and therefore always changing, she said.
    “There are so many things happening that comics can talk about,” Love said. “Sean Penn is trying to do Lifetime movies for Mexican warlords. Everything is writing itself. Donald Trump is swearing and cussing at everybody every day.
    “I’m the type of comic that if you come to my shows, you do want to hear what’s happening in the world. I’ll let them know everything will be OK.”Love has made an effort to embrace live comedy and to promote comedians and clubs.

    “People don’t respect the art of comedy anymore,” she said. “There are so many funny people and they don’t get paid. The comedy clubs are struggling. I want people to come out and experience live comedy — not on a TV or a computer. Live comedy is a totally different experience.”

    She said she liked working on Chelsea Handler’s show “Chelsea Lately” because it showcased stand-up comics. She is working on a comedy competition on “The Real” to get stand-ups some exposure. That exposure, she hopes, will help them pay their dues because there are so few opportunities for unknown comics. That brings name recognition and more opportunities.

    “That’s how the business has turned,” she said. “If you see a name you possibly know you take a chance and go see him — unless it’s Bill Cosby.”

    Love has an engineering degree and was working as an engineer while moonlighting at comedy clubs.

    “They were doing a corporate restructure and by the third layoffs I had built up enough on the comedy career that I said, ‘Save a job, lay me off,’ ” she said. “I could pursue what I really wanted to do.”

    She has to be the only funny electrical engineer, right?

    “Engineers have a great sense of humor. Engineers are really funny,” she said. “All people in any type of math or science have a sense of humor. A lot of people who come to my shows, lot of engineers or attorneys, they have a good sense of humor.”