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Producer/Songwriter/Musician Marti Frederiksen Enjoying
National Success with Music Superstars Across Many Genres

Wrote/Co-Wrote and Produced Five Tracks on Highly Anticipated New Aerosmith Album Out in November


Los Angeles, CA - August 2012 - Musician-Producer-Songwriter-Engineer-Mixer. There probably isn’t a proper hyphenate that could best describe Marti Frederiksen. Through hard work and terrific talent, he has been behind the scenes making amazing music since the late 80s, working with a surplus of superstar acts as both a songwriter and producer. Recently, he has emerged in the spotlight as the go-to-producer and writer for heavy weight acts including Faith Hill, Def Leppard, Daughtry, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Motley Crue, Rascal Flatts, 3 Doors Down and more. He has won BMI Awards for his work with Aerosmith, Bo Bice, Buckcherry, Gavin Rossdale, Carrie Underwood and Sick Puppies, and won an Ivor Novello (and was nominated for a Golden Globe) for the song “A Fire Still Burns” from the British film, Still Crazy. Inspired by every genre, he is constantly fueled by his desire to create great music.

After co-writing the #1 rock hit, “Got No Shame” for Brother Kane in 1993, Marti Frederiksen’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. In the late 90s, Producer John Kalodner was one of those calls, setting in motion a relationship with the band Aerosmith that has now spanned over a decade. Upon meeting Steven and Joe for the first time, Marti co-wrote the song “Something’s Gotta Give” for the band’s 12th studio album, Nine Lives, eventually co-writing four songs on the record. He later went on to work with Aerosmith on Just Push Play, receiving credit as one of the producers, as well as co-writer of 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, including the smash hit, “Jaded.”

2012 in to 2013 will showcase some more extraordinary work from Marti: He has a track on the latest Rascal Flatts album; three songs on the upcoming 3 Doors Down Greatest Hits CD coming out this Fall; has co-written “Someday,” the first single off of Julian Lennon’s forthcoming album with Julian, Steven Tyler and Mark Spiro and co-wrote “Can’t Stop Loving You,” the duet Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler perform on the highly anticipated Aerosmith record, Music from Another Dimension. Perhaps most exciting of all is the track “What Could Have Been Love,” which took seven years to come to fruition, and is a focus track on the album. A true Aerosmith ballad, the song was co-written by Marti Russ Irwin and Steven Tyler. In an “only in rock n’ roll” story, the track “What Could Have Been Love,” was seven years in the making, and a tune that Tyler himself asked Marti to hold on to. “Seven years ago, we worked on “What Could Have Been Love.” We had the outline for the song, and Steven “Tyler-ized” it. For seven years we didn’t do anything with the song because Steven had a real attachment to it, but didn’t know what he wanted to do with it. When the guys got together to record again, Steven brought the song back in to the fold and recorded it for Music from Another Dimension.” Marti ended up co-writing five songs on the album and producing three songs.

What makes Marti different? Says Steven Tyler, “The rhythm and pieces and parts … the melody line … It’s like when you lay a beautiful quilt on a beautiful bed. He can add to something that’s there as if it’s always been there. He’s pretty genius like that.”

Marti Frederiksen is a rare breed in the music business: a multi-talented and humble musician, whose gift lies not only in the music he creates, but in the intuitive way he knows how to work with mega stars. For Marti, there are no big egos, just collaborations waiting to happen, and amazing music waiting to be made.

Click here for more info on Marti Frederiksen: http://kenphillipsgroup.com/Phillips/fred.htm

Marti's official website: http://martifrederiksen.com/

Marti's Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/MartiFrederiksen

Songs Marti Wrote: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3B238402E026E2F3&feature=plcp

Songs Marti Produced: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2C5C0A3F5597FE27&feature=plcp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marti-Frederiksen/104220656278486

Twitter: https://twitter.com/martihfred

For interview requests please contact Ken Phillips at KPPG, Inc. kpgroup@yahoo.com and 323 308-5912.





Producer-Songwriter-Vocalist-Guitarist-Drummer-Engineer-Mixer. There probably isn’t a proper hyphenate that could describe musician Marti Frederiksen. Through hard work, smart thinking and terrific talent, he has been an enormous success since the late 80s, a true feat in a business not quite known for its longevity. Not one to brag about his many accomplishments - “I am not satisfied yet, I still have a lot of good work to do” - it’s hard not to be very impressed by all the different ways Marti has achieved music magic.

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Photo credit: Brandon Oustler

From the time he was a small child, Marti has always loved music, and growing up in Hawthorne, CA, was exposed to a lot of it. His mother sang songs to him, his father whistled with him, and his love of classic melodies from such giants as Chicago, Boston, The Carpenters, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles (to name a few) would leave a long lasting impression on his own style. One of his earliest memories was watching his neighbors’ garage band. It clicked with Marti that people could replicate popular music they heard. “I was so impressed someone could play a song that was already on the radio. I thought, if they could do it, I could do it too.”

Around the house, Marti began adding harmonies to a song’s melody; actually adding a part to an arrangement, making the song sound better. Marti was so motivated that his father brought home a crate of instruments he’d gotten from a swap meet. Marti was immediately taken with the drums, and taught himself to play. By the time he was 15, he started his own ‘garage band,’ and learned guitar on his own just so he could play the melodies floating around in his head to his band mates.

When he was 19, Marti answered an ad in a local paper for a band looking for a drummer. He auditioned and got the gig. Rehearsing every day for 3 months, the band sent out some home made demos that got the attention of a producer who brought them in to cut ‘real demos.’ Those demos got to the right A&R person, and his first ‘real’ band, Drop In The Gray, was signed to Geffen. It was during this time that Marti learned a valuable lesson: “Just getting signed doesn’t mean you’ve hit the big time. You need to listen to the opinion of the label, and work with them, because they’re funding your project.” Unfortunately, the lead singer of Drop In The Gray didn’t feel the same way, and the label parted ways with the band, as did Marti. He began to cut more demos on his own, putting together another band, Outlaw Blood, taking on a larger role as songwriter, guitarist and second vocals. The band had a somewhat dark sound (think Alice in Chains) but the label that singed them, AtCo, wanted a sound more like Def Leppard, a band dominating late 80’s radio. Since Marti had already encountered what could happen when you didn’t collaborate with the label, the band agreed to cut “poppier” tune. It didn’t catch on, and when Outlaw Blood left AtCo, bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots were all the rage. “The first time I was signed, I didn’t listen and it didn’t work. The second time I was signed, I DID listen and it didn’t work!” Outlaw Blood, not a bad band to look at (ok, they were all good looking), were used as Belinda Carlisle’s band for some televised promo appearances, but they eventually broke up.

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Photo credit: Brandon Oustler

Marti knew the third time would be the charm. He had always kept his day job – which was actually a night job at a bank – and refused to quit until he could support himself with music. In a scenario that could possibly have come out of a movie script, Marti kept demo’ing, and passed one of his demos along to a Sound Engineer who passed the demo along to a drummer who passed the demo along to Aaron Jacoves the Vice President of A&R at Virgin/EMI. Jacoves had a band called Brother Cane that he wanted Marti to write with. That led to Marti co-writing and producing the #1 rock hit, “Got No Shame” for Brother Cane, as well as securing a publishing deal. He could finally leave his job.

“After that, a lot of doors started to open. John Kalodner, who worked with Aerosmith, called me after he’d heard “Shame” and said he wanted me to work with a band of his. I’d been hoping it was going to be Aerosmith and John mentioned Jackyl… I was just happy for the work. Nothing ever happened with Jackyl, and a few weeks later John called me again and asked if I wanted to meet with Steven and Joe at the Studio. He said, ‘write another “Got No Shame.’”

Once again, Marti listened to advice given to him by someone in a position to help him. John Kalodner told him Joe and Steven would want to jam, but Marti would have to focus them to get a track out of the session. “John was right, we spent the whole first day jamming around and didn’t get a song. That night I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a melody in my head. I went back in to the studio the next day with Joe and we strung the jams from the previous day to my melody. Joe called Steven and said ‘you better come to the Studio, I think we have a song.’ Steven arrived, came up with a chorus, and by the end of the day, we had a rocking track.” That song was “Something’s Gotta Give” off of Aerosmith’s Nine Lives. “The first time working with them, I got a song.” Marti went to Boston to do more work with the band, co-writing four tracks off of Nine Lives. He later went on to work with the band on Just Push Play, receiving credit as one of the producers as well as co-writer of 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, including the smash hit, “Jaded.”

From there, Marti’s options were almost limitless. A ‘born collaborator,” he realized that instead of worrying about how many songs he could present to an artist, it worked better when he took a more unique approach: “I realized that I am more on the spot while I am with the artist. I prepare a little, but I don’t over prepare. For me, it’s all about getting in there, talking to the artist, asking what they want to achieve, observe, get inspired and then start strumming, singing and hope that something good comes!”

A lot of good has come to Marti: He flew to England to work with Mick Jagger on his solo album as producer. He wrote with Pink, Faith Hill, Backstreet Boys, Mick Jones from Foreigner, Def Leppard, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Rascal Flatts, 3 Doors Down and more. He won BMI Awards for his work with Aerosmith, Bo Bice, Buckcherry, Gavin Rossdale, Carrie Underwood and Sick Puppies, and won an Ivor Novello (and was nominated for a Golden Globe) for the song “A Fire Still Burns” from the British film, Still Crazy. Marti is inspired by every genre, and enjoys the challenges that they bring.

Marti remains modest, saying “I am just an outside songwriter who wants to have songs on records.” In an incredible twist of fate, Marti finally got to be in a hit band, when he was tapped to cut the vocals for the fictitious band, Stillwater, in Cameron Crowe’s film, Almost Famous. “A friend of mine recommended me, and after auditioning several people, I got the gig. Just to be part of Cameron’s story was incredible. It was awesome, like being in a band for a minute. Peter Frampton and Nancy Wilson played guitar, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam was on a few tracks. Not only was I in a band, I was in an amazing one!”

Of course, this makes Marti incredibly busy - he is also one of the few writer/producers that self-manages himself and his publishing - and incredibly in demand. When Aerosmith re-grouped for their upcoming release, Music from Another Dimension, Steven called on Marti for a song he’d written seven years earlier. “Russ Irwin and I wrote a song called “What Could Have Been Love” seven years ago, and at that time, I played it for Steven. He actually cried when he heard it, so he sang it and “Tylerized” it. For seven years we didn’t do anything with the song because Steven had a real attachment to it. When the guys got back together to record again, this was one of the songs they chose. It’s a true Aerosmith ballad.” Marti ended up co-writing five songs on the album and producing three songs.

One of the three songs Marti produced is a special duet between Steven and country super star Carrie Underwood. Marti’s first #1 country hit, “Undo It,” came courtesy of Carrie, who sang the track they co-wrote for her album Play On. Marti played the track for Steven who loved it – but had no idea who was singing it. When informed it was Underwood, Steven still wasn’t quite sure who that was. An introduction from Marti later, they were arranging to work together. A true meeting of musical minds, they first got together for a duet at the Academy of Country Music Awards show. Such was their success in working together, they re-teamed for a musical Super Bowl party on CMT Crossroads: Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood Live From Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam. Airing in February, 2012, the duo performed both Aerosmith and Underwoods hits.

A humble guy to the core, Marti just wants to keep writing and producing good songs with good people. When asked what his biggest achievement to date is, he answers in his typical unassuming fashion: “I am still searching for that achievement, I need to still find it. I have a lot of good work left in me for sure, and many artists who I’d love to team up with. I’d be willing to try anything with any one. I am first and foremost a collaborator, and I love that.”