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3-Minute Interview: Jillian Iva
By Andrea Koskey
Examiner Staff Writer 3/5/09

The lead singer of San Francisco-based Von Iva will bring the trio to The City’s Red Devil Lounge on March 12 as part of their national “Hell on Heels” tour.
Can you, in one sentence, describe your band’s music? Bombastic, fantastic, street-glam, love music.

How long has Von Iva been together and how did you get your start? We’ve been together about 4½ years. It was a kind of perfect storm of other bands we were all in that disbanded.

Von Iva contributed tracks and performed in Jim Carrey’s most recent movie, “Yes Man.” How has that opportunity changed the band? People sure do talk about it. It hasn’t necessarily guaranteed us venues, but once it comes out on DVD we may see more people at the shows. On the DVD, the extras have the full performances of our songs from the movie.

You’ve been spending a lot of time on tour. How often do you get back to San Francisco? I haven’t been in S.F. for like six months. It’s crazy when we’re there.

Did you ever think your life would be like this? No. I know I wanted to see the world, it’s always been a goal. Being in a band helps facilitate that, but ... it’s more a tour of America’s bars.

Besides people, what San Francisco places or activities do you miss when you’re on the road? I miss my king-size bed. I miss alone time. I miss lazy Sundays mindlessly watching movies.