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Von Iva: ‘Girls on Film’
By Christina Troup
Special to The Examiner 12/4/08

SAN FRANCISCO – There’s something about Von Iva you can’t put your finger on. From booty-shaking beats to sultry synth numbers, San Francisco’s all-gal electro dance outfit featuring Jillian Iva, Becky Kupersmith and Kelly Harris is known for its genre-jumping musical endeavors.
Turns out, Von Iva’s je ne sais quoi is pretty much what landed the group a gig as Zooey Deschanel’s band Munchausen By Proxy in the film “Yes Man.” The Jim Carrey movie opens Dec. 19.

“We’re not a typical band,” says lead songstress Iva, who appears with the band Friday at Cafe Du Nord in a show that celebrates the new EP “Girls on Film.”

“We’re a little different — a little dancey. I think that’s why things turned out the way they did.”

As the story goes, and with the stars aligned in Von Iva’s favor, the music supervisor of “Yes Man” was scouting around for a band to accompany Deschanel in the film and came across a Von Iva CD at a record store.

“He saw it and thought we looked like the band he envisioned for the movie. The question was whether or not we could actually play,” says Iva.

The musicians were more than capable of bringing the jams. They ended up contributing to four tracks that will appear on the soundtrack of the movie, which is about a man’s decision to change his life by saying yes to everything that comes his way.

Iva says the band was given a fair amount of artistic freedom, more than what the members anticipated.

“Zooey was really gracious,” says Iva. “We wrote the songs for the movie before we met with her. As I was teaching Zooey the vocal parts she said, ‘It’s kind of unfortunate.’ I thought, ‘Oh great, she hates it,’ but she went on to say, ‘You have a really great voice; it’s a shame if you don’t sing.’ So, she made it so that we’re doing a duet, which I thought was pretty amazing of her.”

A DIY band at heart, Von Iva enjoyed the cushy Hollywood life of living in a hotel for a few weeks and recording music for a major film.

Still, the lead singer admits she doesn’t expect fame, fortune or the paparazzi to be knocking on her door in the near future.

“I have no expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that shows up in the film is my elbow near Zooey’s face,” she jokes. “I really don’t have any expectations — this has been such a unique experience. I’m really just looking forward to seeing the reactions of my family and friends as they see my big, goofy [butt] on the big screen.”