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Exclusive: Eels And Zooey Deschael Via Munchausen By Proxy Write New Songs And Score For 'Yes Man' Soundtrack

You'll remember that back in August we told you about Munchausen By Proxy, a fictional band starring Zooey Deschanel and the ladies from San Franciscan electropunk trio, Von Iva that were writing songs for the upcoming Jim Carrey comedy, "Yes Man."

Munchausen are a band which Carrey's character is incessantly invited to see by an over-eager street promoter. Carrey's character meets Deschanel's by finally agreeing to see her band and then is quickly besotted at first sight (honestly, the film looks terrible with Carrey at his worst doing his rubberface shtick, no thanks). Four Munchausen songs are featured in the film and the soundtrack and we've got some shots of the band from the film here.

Also of note is E, of the mostly one-man-band, The Eels who composed the score of the film in collaboration with Lyle Workman (composer for "Superbad" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). The Eels wrote one new song for the film ("Man Up") included on the soundtrack and eight old tunes also grace the disc and movie.

The soundtrack is scheduled for December 9 via Lakeshore records and we're obviously not that keen on "Yes Man," the film but we're certainly interested in the soundtrack. The Eels create some really nice bittersweet pop and Zooey Deschanel's work with Matt Ward in She & Him was totally winning, so we're definitely up for hearing more tunes co-penned by her. Below are some of the previously released Eels tunes on the soundtrack. "Yes Man" hits theaters December 19.

Yes Man" soundtrack tracklist.
1) Man Up - EELS
2) Bus Stop Boxer - EELS
3) To Lick Your Boots - EELS
4) The Good Old Days - EELS
5) The Sound Of Fear - EELS
6) Wooden Nickels - EELS
7) Flyswatter - EELS
8) Blinking Lights (For Me) - EELS
9) Somebody Loves You - EELS
10) Sweet Ballad - Munchausen By Proxy
11) Uh-Huh - Munchausen By Proxy
12) Keystar - Munchausen By Proxy
13) Yes Man - Munchausen By Proxy