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It’s such a shame that all the pop princesses are getting so much press these days when there’s a kick-ass group like Von Iva cranking out over-the-top, booty-shaking music that anyone would love to wreck a dance floor to.

The lesbian group’s EP pounds away at your body like an addictive mix of Daft Punk, Gary Numan and Luscious Jackson that never stays in any one particular genre long enough to be pigeonholed. This is aggressive futuristic pop that you just can’t tune out, no matter how hard you try.

The synthesized beats on the anthemic “Living For It” and the frantic “Electricity” are augmented by live disco beats played with punk-ish intensity. “Birds of Prey” and “Guise” bristle with a mid-1980s gothic/new-wave energy.

The six songs on “Girls on Film” just aren’t enough. You are going to want more.