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Special Interview with Von Iva:
By: Beth Newcomb
Posted: 1/13/09

1.) Where did you get the name 'Von Iva'?

Our band is named after Jillian's (the lead singer) great grandmother Iva who was adventurous and brave.

2.) Where does the inspiration for your songs stem from?

Lose your inhibitions, have fun, shake it if you got it!

3.) How did the band form?

Lay Lay and Bex were playing music together, then introduced to Jillian by a mutual friend, Jesse Evans (of the Vanishing). Elizabeth, who is no longer in the band, was also a founding member.

4.) Do you feel that your rising popularity and fame has changed your music?

Now that we're "famous" like Paris Hilton...our music might start to suck. Kidding...hopefully the more our name gets out there the more we will have the privilege of working with bigger producers whom have their own unique sound, just as we do.

5.) What other musicians have influenced your music? Or what artists do you admire?

I, Jillian, am inspired by the likes of Tina Turner and Etta James...women who have amazing talents and have managed to survive in such a male-dominated world and up against all odds. They are still out there doing their thing and are still on top of their game!

6.) Are you looking forward to touring with 'Semi Precious Weapons' and 'Nico Vega'?

YES! It's gonna be "HELL ON HEELS"!!!

7.) What are your plans after you finish the tour 'Hell on Heels'?

"Girls on Film", our current EP release, is a preview for the full length we will be releasing in 2009. We also have a European tour in the works.

8.) How do you keep your sound so uniquely your own?

We play music that is edgy, gritty, and straight from the soul, but at the same time it's fun music that you can dance to!