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Ok So greenThumb was recently introduced to Von Iva.....or so I thought. Little did I know that every day for the last 4 months your song "LALA" had been one of my soundtracks on the way to work. It was receiving massive airplay since you were coming to Columbus, OH to do a show. Then fast forward to recently getting an email from your publicist and re-connecting with your music. Now, we want to know more about Von Iva!

Here is our interview with Von Iva's KELLY HARRIS!!

OMI) When and where did Von Iva come to life?

K.H.) Von Iva started as a project between Elizabeth Davis (Seven Year Bitch) and myself...Elizabeth was our bass player in the beginning. We collaborated on song ideas with Bex on keys and met Jillian through a mutual friend and musician Jesssie Evans.

OMI) Obviously we promote "out" artists here. Do you openly identify with queer identity? What is your take on that?

K.H.) I do identify as queer although I identify myself as many other things that make up who I am. I think its great to promote queer artists and even better to push the fact that it is really only a small part of what makes an artist unique.

OMI) We see you are making your major film debut in the Zooey Deschanel & Jim Carrey #1 Movie "Yes Man".....please tell us what your role was in the movie, music for the movie, etc....

K.H.) It was a great opportunity for sure! Zooey is just an amazing person, talented, modest and a great musician! We wrote four songs featured on the soundtrack for the film as well as the title track. It was really cool that the director, Peyton Reed gave us so much creative control coming up with the direction of the band. We really wanted to bring out the quirkiness of Zooey's character in the movie so the songs are definitely out there. As an artist I really appreciated the opportunity to create in a totally different arena...I think it helped our band grow for sure!

OMI) If we were to open your Itunes or Ipod and selected the Recently Played playlist, what would we find? What is Von Iva rocking out to?

K.H.) Great question! Glass Candy, Semi Precious Weapons, Yelle, MGMT, Crystal Stilts, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Here We Go Magic, Glasvegas.

OMI) We see you are finishing up a spring U.S. Tour right now. How has that been going? Are there any highlights or favorite moments?

K.H.) Well for me personally it has to have been the chance to get to know Semi Precious Weapons! Not only are they amazing people, but so freaking talented! One of the best shows was a night in Atlanta when Justin from SPW was swinging from the rafters while we were playing...many other things happened that I shouldn't mention!;) Also we had a blast playing at Sue Ellen's in Dallas, the biggest lesbian club I've ever been to!

OMI) Your live shows receive constant high marks, tell us what to expect when we come to a live Von Iva show?

K.H.) The great thing is that we never know for sure, just that we will give you a super jolt of energy....we are always trying to push ourselves to deliver real rock shows...filled with surprises. Just know that won't feel the same when you leave at the end of the night!

OMI) Any plans to do full-scale touring overseas?

K.H.) Yes! I think we would do great overseas! Paris is one of my favorite cities so that would be cool! I also would love to get to places like Australia!

OMI) What is next for Von Iva? Are you recording a new album, more touring, etc...

K.H.) For now its all about the road! We have a two week tour with Glasvegas, April 2nd-16th, that we are super excited about!
Also a May tour with Sick of Sarah. We also have plans to write and record a bit in May. We are trying to get ideas together on the road....it is source for great inspiration!

OMI) Any shout-outs ?

K.H.) Some of my favorite people and bands! Girl In A Coma, Semi Precious Weapons, Chelsea Star, Joy at MOB and all of our queers and non queers that come out to Von Iva shows.....we love you!