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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Von Iva’s “Girls on Film” EP Set For Release Oct. 28

Band to make major film debut alongside Zooey Deschanel & Jim Carrey in Warner Bros’ Yes Man on December 19

National US Tour Begins October 15

San Francisco’s Von Iva special mix of musical madness and their distinctive blend of electro-pop-rock executed by synths, drums, and gritty soulful vocals is beautifully showcased on their new EP, Girls on Film (Oct. 28, self-released). The 6 song set features some tracks from their 2007 CD Our Own Island (i.e., “LALA,” “Birds of Prey,” and “Guise”) and some new songs (i.e., “Living For It,” “Emerald Eyes,” and “Electricity.”)

As infectious as the ladies recordings are, it’s the trio’s live shows that move the masses. “An ass-shaking mix of soul, disco and dirty, raw rock & roll, this San Francisco band rattles the rafters with an aural love potion.” raved LA Weekly. While SF Weekly says: “Believe the hype Von Iva is the new purveyor of soul, and it's got the groove-drunk fans to prove it.”
But it’s the uber cool Bust Magazine that really captures all one can say about Von Iva... “If you've ever wished for Franz Ferdinand, P.J. Harvey, Gary Numan, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to be bottled up into a love potion, here it is. They're soul-shaking dance-punk queens-and they're going to rock your world.”

Not only will Von Iva rock your world on stages across America this Fall, they are set to rock it on the Hollywood big screen when they make their movie debut playing the band that Zooey Deschanel fronts in her new film with Jim Carrey, Yes Man, out December 19, 2008. Von Iva also wrote the song “Yes Man” specifically for the film and it will run over the end credits.