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'Yes Man' cameo band Von Iva makes Off the Wagon tour stop
By Rick Harmon • • January 22, 2009

Von Iva, the San Francisco electro-pop rockers who just made their movie debut playing the band that Zooey Deschanel fronts in the Jim Carrey comedy "Yes Man," plays Off the Wagon tonight.

The group started its "Hell on Heels" tour last week with Semi Precious Weapons and Nico Vega. Before the group's show here, we asked Jillian Iva about the new tour, the group's new EP, "Girls on Film," and how much they think their roles in "Yes Man" (and writing the title cut which is played during the end credits) will help their career.

Question: How excited are you about the tour, and is it bigger than your past ones?

Answer: Very excited. We just played our first show last night and both the bands we are playing with are really unique and amazing. It's definitely bigger and it's very different for us because last tour we played some shows with the group Girl in a Coma, but for the most part we were on our own.

This time, we are tied to two other bands and the camaraderie that comes with that and getting some of their fan base on board, and getting them to become our fans, which (she adds laughing) they inevitably will, is a great opportunity as well.

Q: How much do you think being in the movie "Yes Man" will help you?

A: It's hard to say at this point. We are still just coming off of the tail end of it, and just now getting out on the tour. We've noticed on some of the social networking sites, such as MySpace and stuff, that we are having more friends added, and a lot are actually referencing "Yes Man."

So I guess we will see as we go from town to town. We did have a person at the bar last night tell us "We saw you in 'Yes Man' and you were so great," so the more we get out there, the more I hope we will see the aftermath of the movie help us.

Q: How is your EP "Girls on Film" doing and are you already working on a follow-up?

A: I'm not sure how it's doing, uh, great? (again laughing) It came out in October.

We have a few breaks on tour, when we will be working on new songs and recording, and we hope to get a new recording out there by spring or summer of this year.

Q: Would you say the band is taking off or is this just part of its steady progression up the ladder?

A: The group has been together for about four and a half years. There's been kind of a steady increase, but this is the first time we've really had a great team as far as a really good booking agent, publicist and manager. This is the first time that all that's ever been in place, so I think we are starting to feel some real momentum.

Q: What can people expect from one of your shows?

A: I'd say to expect a bombastic, fantastic, musical experience. You never know what to expect. Most of it is always changing, but it's always high energy, great music and it will make you move.