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Von Iva - Live Show Review and Photos

Von Iva
12.12.08 | The Echo | Los Angeles, CA
by Joe Cortez

It was a Friday night at the Echo. The stage was bare: a simple two synth setup and drum kit in the back with the words "Von Iva" scrawled along the bass. It was an unassuming setup, one that left much to imagination but by the time the all female trio from California's north coast had taken the stage all questions were answered, this was a band that was here to party.

On first listen one might find the sound of Von Iva to be much like that of any other electro-pop indie group out there today but as soon as the vocals, provided by front woman Jillian Iva, kicked in it was obvious there was much more to these girls. Iva's full, dynamic, soulful voice filled the room and had no trouble competing for attention with the superior drumming and retro-cool keyboards provided by fellow members Kelly Harris and Bex creating an amalgam that is greater than the sum of its parts. It's a tricky balancing act, combining disparate genres and stylings together but they pull it off by always stamping their own unique label on every song they performed.

The band rarely let up during their set, delivering a high energy new age hybrid of disco, punk and bubble gum pop to the masses. Looking at the faces of many a younger female fan in the audience, I suspect Von Iva embodies just the right amount of rebellion and danger that endears an artist such as Peaches to so many teenage girls. But for all their mini skirt clad, stiletto-heeled appeal, the girls of Von Iva are born performers with a great sense showmanship and comedic timing.

Beyond the music, the set was filled with moments and gestures great and small that only made me like them more. From cute one liners such as Iva's mention of the band's appearance in a feature film, "Von Iva Does Dallas is going to kick ass!" To several moments of audience interaction, which included singer Iva jumping off the stage and into the crowd mid song, Von Iva pulled out all the stops to give everyone on the dance floor a real show.

Despite the fact their time on stage was limited, by the time they had wrapped up their set with the title track from the upcoming Jim Carrey film Yes Man (the film they will actually be appearing in this holiday season) both band and audience were exhausted from the spectacle that just unfolded. It was a set that had left me dazed, confused and begging for more.

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