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Von Iva at the Echo

“You can’t control me,” Von Iva diva Jillian Iva confides on “Birds of Prey,” from the San Francisco trio’s new EP, Girls on Film. And it’s true, no one can corral the exhibitionist singer, especially when she’s crawling around onstage or perching precariously in steep high heels atop Kelly Harris’ bass drum. Jillian’s already become something of a gay icon for fans of all genders, and Von Iva should gain some mainstream attention when they perform as Zooey Deschanel’s backup band in the upcoming Jim Carrey film Yes Man. The trio’s shimmering electro-pop is firmly based on funky, sleek disco rhythms, reintroducing jaded hipsters to that carnally cathartic activity known as dancing. Becky Kupersmith pumps out evocative sheets of sound with her keyboards, giving these dance workouts an eerily post-punk sheen and even a hint of Joy Division melancholy. The nonstop dance action occasionally pauses for spacy ballads like “Emerald Eyes,” where Jillian wails soulfully into the vortex of Kupersmith’s churchy organ swells. (Falling James)