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By: Jeffrey Kurtis

Von Iva may not be a household name yet, but you have no doubt heard the music playing in the background of countless commercials, popular television shows, and now you can see them in the brand new Jim Carrey flick "Yes Man," playing a band in the movie. Thier new EP, "Girls On Film" is out now and they are currently on the road with Girl in a Coma," another three-piece, all female, rock band. We recently had the chance to catch up with Von Iva and chat with them about the EP, appearing in the film, their current tour, and more.

1. Your new EP, "Girls on Film" is out now. What differences and similarities can people expect to hear on this EP in comparison to your previous releases?

I think the new EP "Girls on Film" is more produced than "Our Own Island." We still maintain the minimalism of our instrumentation, but the sound is more radio/dance hall. Jillian did some more layering of vocal tracks and harmonies and we juiced up the keyboards and drums. It has a lot of energy! - Becky

"Girls On Film" has the same feel as "Our Own Island" in that it's live dance music. We record the songs so that we can play them live and as true to form as the recordings without relying on a computer or sequencer. The big difference for me for GOF was that I got to spend a lot more time on the vox; really work on layers and harmonies which we didn't have the time to do during OOI. That's why we recorded it at our producer's house in Ft. Wayne, Indiana....we lived, ate, and slept there while recording...I was literally sleeping in the vocal booth! - Jillian

2. On the heels of this release, you were also selected to be in the upcoming film "Yes Man," starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. How did you get selected to be in the movie?

The music supervisor for Yes Man saw our CD "Our Own Island" at Amoeba records. He liked the look of the band, and after hearing the CD thought we would be a perfect fit. It was really exciting for us because we had just made the decision to put the record out ourselves instead of waiting for a label. If we had waited, this opportunity never would have happened! So it really pays to take control of your own music and have a DIY attitude.

3. What is your role in the film and how big of a roll is it?

In the movie Zooey's character is the singer in a band. We play the band! It's called Munchaussen by Proxy. The director Peyton Reed gave us alot of freedom to come up with the concept of the band which turned out to be art damaged and out there!

4. On top of performing in the film, you have also contributed 4 original songs to the Soundtrack. How does being a part of a compilation like this benefit a band like yours the most as far as getting your music out there to people that may have never heard it?

We had a blast in the studio with Zooey! She's a great musician and is fun to work with. Yes Man is a huge stage for us.

5. Which one song from either "Girls on Film" or the "Yes Man" soundtrack do you feel best gives people an idea and look into what your music offers?

I think "Livin' For It" from Girls On Film is a great representation of our ability to blend the raw power of rock and soul with dance. The lyrics inspire, the keyboards provide a powerful platform and allow the vocals and drums to slam you in the face!

6. You have had your songs appear on a variety of television shows, commercials, etc… In what ways have you seen your fan base grow after your music has appeared in these spots?

Anytime our music is on TV or commercials, we are exposed to a whole new audience who may not be actively seeking new music. It's also fun for us to write music specifically for a show or commercial.

7. You have shared the stage with the likes of The Go-Go's, Imperial Teen, Lady Soverign, etc… What have you been able to learn by watching artists like this that you have been able to take to your own live show?

Actually we are touring right now with Girl In A Coma who totally inspires us every night! It's really cool to play with another three piece, all-girl band that has a totally different sound. It really in the end comes down to how much energy a band puts out there and they do it! I feel like touring really puts things into perspective and the audience really responds when you walk off the stage barely able to breathe.

8. You are currently out on the road touring nationwide. What has been the best part of this tour so far that has made it better than tours you have done in the past?

The best part of this tour has been playing with Girl in a Coma, another three-piece, all girl band with a unique sound. It's refreshing to have female artists who support other female artists because we gotta stick together! They actually texted their booker the first time we played together and insisted that she book us...and here we are!

9. What piece of advice can you offer to someone that is looking to break into the music industry?

Always stay true to yourself and don't expect things to happen magically. What you put in is what you get back!