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Von Iva Live in Bloomington, IN

For those of our readers that are amazed that the White Stripes manage to maintain their status as a formidable rock group without the use of a bass, prepare to have your mind blown. Von Iva, a trio of feisty lasses hailing from San Francisco, makes their thoroughly engaging, rump-shaking tunes using neither a bass nor a guitar.

Touring on the “Hell on Heels” tour in support of their latest EP, “Girls on Film,” Von Iva stopped through Bloomington, IN last Friday to perform not one, but two shows at both Uncle Fester’s (early show) and The Farm Root Cellar (late show). The band performed a short set comprised of tunes from their new EP as well as “Yes Man” (the title track featured on the soundtrack to Jim Carrey’s latest film “Yes Man”) at Uncle Fester’s that merely served as a warm up for the later slightly extended set at the Root Cellar; while the early set was high energy, one might have felt a bit shorted by the brevity of the set had they only taken in the show at Uncle Fester’s, but that didn’t appear to be an issue as the devoted audience moved en masse to the Root Cellar to take in the late show.

At the second (sold out) performance of the night, Von Iva delivered a comparatively short set, but what they lacked in length, they made up for in stage presence. As the only non-stationary member of the band, much of the energy of Von Iva’s live show is dependent on lead singer Jillian Iva, and she didn’t disappoint; using every square inch of the stage (and various surrounding surfaces), Iva shook, shimmied, and strutted about, working the crowd into a frenzy before climbing on a countertop and belting out the lyrics to “Living for It” to thunderous applause. After experiencing a bit of technical difficulty due to the constricted space and limited sound equipment available from the venue, Jillian Iva appeared to be a bit miffed, but the singer used her frustration to her advantage, aggressively cranking out two more numbers before leaving the stage for the final time, sending the over capacity audience out into the chilly night to cool down from a sweaty night of rowdy rock ’n roll revelry.

Von Iva continues touring through March with more dates to be announced.