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Article published Feb 12, 2009
Hometown gig a treat for Von Iva drummer Kelly Harris

The all-woman, electro-pop-rock band Von Iva features Fort Wayne native Kelly Harris on drums. The San Francisco-based band, which includes Jillian Iva and Bex, will play about 10 p.m. Saturday at the Brass Rail, 1121 Broadway. Cover charge is $5.

Harris responded to questions we sent her via e-mail:

Q. Tell us about your time in Fort Wayne, when you left and what connections, if any, you still have here.

A. I am a Snider High (School) graduate. I have an amazing family (there) that I make sure to visit at least twice a year! I feel lucky that I can come back to a place like Fort Wayne to visit friends and family. It keeps me grounded!

Q. How did you get interested in music?

A. I played volleyball in high school and college and used music as part of my mental warm-up routine. I had a severe shoulder injury that changed my direction. I started working for a college radio station, KUSF. There I met plenty of people in bands and started playing bass in a sort of Sonic Youth-inspired noise band. Four bands later, I found myself on the drums playing with Von Iva.

Q. How did you become a member of Von Iva?

A. I played in a band with Elizabeth Davis of Seven Year Bitch fame, and she and I had an idea to start a band focused on getting people on the dance floor. We jammed with Bex on keys, and it was a perfect fit. A friend introduced us to Jillian and, with her amazing voice, we thought we had a unique sound that could really get people interested. Elizabeth has since moved on to motherhood, and Von Iva continued as a three-piece.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the band?

A. It's great being on tour and experiencing a different city every night. I have the most fun in the studio, creating new music and challenging myself to become the best drummer I can be.

Q. Could you give us an idea of what the show will be like here Saturday?

A. We think it's best to check your inhibitions at the door. Von Iva will make you want to participate! It's high-energy, in-your-face, rock and roll that will make you wanna dance.

Q. Are there any things you hope to do in Fort Wayne?

A. I love heading to the Brass Rail to check out local music and hit up Henry's for a Keoke Coffee. Most importantly, I can't wait to hang out with Brea, Ava and Maya ... my beautiful nieces.