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Girls on Film
It is hard to imagine Von Iva succeeding on the level that they have-appearing on stages with the top electro-pop acts across the country, stints in two feature films in 2008, including an on-screen performance with co-star Zooey Daschenele in the upcoming Jim Carey vehicle "Yes Man" - if not for lead singer Jillian Iva.

A notorious gay icon, Iva’s musky alto is a dead wringer for Annie Lennox-equal parts soul and sass-set over Lennox-era synth beats. And just when you think you are ready to switch off the house-style creations they come with on their newest EP, Girls On Film, in favor of something with a bit more diversity of sound, the band comes with a track like "Emerald Eyes."

The soulful, brooding ballad is heavy and brash while also being a bit of a torch song. Just a few cuts away, you find "Electricity," a sledgehammer through the wall, "Electricity" is decidedly massive in the best possible way. Try not to shake your ass to this infectious piece of danceable bump as Iva shreiks "Give it to me, give it to me, Electricity." You will be punching the roof of your car to the beat in no time. This EP does what the best short samples do: it leaves the listener wanting more. More beats, more sassy struts, and more of Iva’s infectious vocal flair.