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Our Own Island & Girls On Film ( Ruby Tower)

I was updating my Facebook status last week when I received a message from one of my friends asking if I'd heard and reviewed Von Iva's two recent records. I had't but knew that I had to since I wrote in this column five years ago that "Von Iva is one of the greatest girl groups I've ever heard in my life." Well, now that I have listened to them, I gotta confess that I'm still an all day sucker for this soulful hard rocking eletropop trio with their minimal Kraftwerkian retro synthesizers, primitive electronic percussion, and sultry sassy vocals. When multi-positional Jillian Iva isn't proudly standing on her feet and singing about being a liberated sister, she's busy getting down to expertly turn men into simpering shot wads of incapacitated goo. Then she walks out on them, laughing.

Jeffrey Morgan/Detroit Metro Times