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Name branding
Thursday, February 5, 2009 6:29 AM
By Chris DeVille

Do not show up at Ravari Room Saturday hoping to hear some heartbroken beard-folk. As much as I would like it if snow-speckled Wisconsin cabin boy Bon Iver was rolling through Ravari, the name on those posters is Von Iva.

The all-female trio from San Francisco sounds about as different from Bon Iver as possible. If the phrase "electro soul-punk" doesn't adequately communicate what they do, imagine icy New Order synths, sultry Tina Turner vocal takes and countless volts of industrial power.

The combination struck a chord with the folks at "The Alternative Station," who booked Von Iva for their CD101 Day concert last spring. The group also impressed Hollywood execs enough to cast Von Iva as Zooey Deschanel's backing band in the Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man.

Also performing Saturday will be the seemingly omnipresent Semi Precious Weapons. Though the glam rockers hail from Brooklyn, guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan grew up in New Albany, so they play here more often than many local bands. Justin Tranter's bleach-blond shenanigans seem forced, but Tasjan plays so well that it doesn't matter how silly his singer's Joker makeup looks.

None of this is much consolation for disgruntled Bon Iver fans like myself, but it ought to be a fine antidote for too much wintry introspection.