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Jillian Iva of VON IVA
By Noele Shannon

Three piece Female power pop band VON IVA are causing a stir on the local scene and beyond. These girls take control and dominate the stage with their live show AND take on the big screen this Fall. Gaining new fans daily with their infectious grooves VON IVA are ready to win you over if you let them in. I chatted with lead singer Jillian a few days ago and she gave me the scoop on all things VON IVA.

AAM: So the band is named after your Great Grandma, that’s really neat, do you feel your family was a large influence on you musically?

JV: I do, My Mom sang at Sweet Adeline’s, Ya know Barbershop music, in a quartet. I remember watching her get dressed up in these awful sequin outfits and she listened to Motown, she spoke about my Great Grandma IVA all the time and she was an amazing lady way ahead of her time… I am the youngest of 5, there was always music around in my household. I remember all the old videos those were a huge influence too…

AAM: Tell us about your new EP, “Girls on Film” what’s the story behind the name?

JV: Well we thought it would be kind of tongue in cheek. We have had the unique opportunity where we are actually going to be ‘Girls in Film’…We played 4 songs in the Jim Carrey/Zooey Deschanel movie… “Yes Man.”

AAM: Where did you record your EP?

JV: Kelly has a friend, this guy Clint Ross, (3EB, En Vogue) from Fort Wayne. Well he built a studio there in his basement, we played this big festival while we were in town and we lived at house for like 3 weeks, I slept in the same room that was the vocal booth, it was a unique experience…

AAM: Any neat studio experiences we should know about?

JV: No, it was interesting working in the same room as the vocal booth, we had some pretty mean croquet matches.

AAM: Looks like you have exciting things going on for you just around the corner, as you mentioned above you have a cameo in the new movie “Yes, Man”, what was it like working with Jim and Zooey?

JV: Yup, we are the band in the movie. It was amazing and I have to say Zooey is a very talented musician, she is so gracious and so sweet, I was nervous as hell, she was super fun, a very talented musician. As I was teaching her the parts she was like “This is kind of ridiculous, you have such as a great voice I don’t see you as being a back up singer,” she talked to the director and the next day I got word that we were going to be Dueting… the experience was just amazing... Jim was really sweet, I got a picture with him… that was a trip. He was so nice, after the first song he was all ‘You guys are so good’ and I was obviously performing and couldn’t see him reacting to us and I saw him laughing and I remember I went afterwards and I was sitting behind Jim as they were playing back and he was mimicking my parts... He was very sweet and very complimentary as well.

AAM: Looks like your live show is what it’s all about, what’s your favorite song to play live and why?

JV: Well, hmmm good question, on a personal level I like ‘No Man’ cause it’s always very challenging, people wouldn’t know this but I used to be scared of singing in front of people but I figured I could make this fun or horrific so… You don’t need any body to complete you, you need to feel it in the moment, we feed off of each other, it’s always real and very in the moment and people respond to that…

AAM: What is your dream tour line up?

JV: Wow, hmmm... Do they have to be alive? I think it would be really awesome, to have an all lady tour with like Madonna and Kylie Minogue, cause they have the gay following like us and have forged ahead as females in the business. Sometimes it’s more competitive than supportive though. It would be amazing to do a huge production, were everyone would be supportive of each other.

AAM: Did you think when you formed in 2004 that you would end up seeing such leaps and bounds in your career? Was that what you strived to do or was it just a nice end result to your efforts?

JV: I think it was a natural progression. Becky and Kelly have always loved music, they are just natural and very talented musicians and got together for the love of jamming and playing… So I’d have to say from personal standpoint my ex bf was in a band and I was always fascinated by it, up front and center wondering what it felt like, to get up there and create and to have people respond.. I was scared when they approached me, but I was interested in all these other aspects too, post production and engineering.. Being in a band is not easy, trying to survive, but at the end of the day it’s a pretty amazing feeling.,, but I feel that at the end of the day I very much appreciate it…

AAM: Any final words or message to your fans?

JV: VON IVA loves you. We have genuine love for people that come show love and support us. I don’t ever, ever take it for granted, I want to spread the love and the message, do it, Life’s too short… just do it…

Don’t forget to check out the girls in ACTION on tour through December.

Go to for dates and if you live locally make sure you catch the girls at their VIPER ROOM show on Oct 20th, doors at 8pm.