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Von Iva rocks equipment off the stage
By: Sarah Vasquez
Posted: 12/1/08
Von Iva's show at Beauty Bar on Nov. 21 was what every live show should be: full of energy, entertaining, and fun. No one was able to restrain themselves from shaking their rump along to the gritty disco tunes by this trio. Bands need to learn and take notes on Von Iva.

Von Iva did experience some technical difficulties. During the first song, one of the keyboards fell off the stand, and during the third song "Lala," the wall of amps came toppling off of the small stage before the first chorus.

"I think we basically rocked every piece of equipment we own off the stage," said bassist Becky Kupersmith.

Normally, there's an awkwardness or silence during this type of situation, but vocalist Jillian Iva immediately took charge and entertained the crowd while everything was set back up. The rest of the show went on flawlessly with song after song of catchiness.

The band is currently on tour promoting their Oct. '08 self-released EP "Girls on Film." The songs showcase the songwriting chemistry between Kupersmith, Iva, and drummer Kelly Harris.

Along with the simple elements such as danceable drum beats and melodic synthesizer lines, Iva adds her soulful voice to give listeners that distinct dance pop addictiveness no one can resist.

Coming up for Von Iva is Yes Man, a comedy film featuring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel to be released Dec. 19 of this year.

Von Iva is featured as the fictional band Munchausen by Proxy alongside of Deschanel, where they perform a few original songs as well as a new one written for the film called "Yes Man."

"Our CD (Our Own Island) was at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and the music supervisor saw it and he thought it was a good fit," said Kupersmith. "We met with the director and hit it off and the rest is history."