Bow Wow Wow Hit The Road

Last night (7/13) in the Green Room of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the quintessential ‘80s band Bow Wow Wow got more cheers for performing their biggest hit “I Want Candy” than did the show's special guests, tennis player Andy Roddick and actor Andy Dick. The appearance took place the day before the band, including No Doubt drummer Adrian Young, launches their first string of live dates in six years. Mesmerizing singer Annabella Lwin looked perfectly royal in purple harem attire and splendid make-up that got lots of “oohs” and “ahs” from the LA industry crowd.

Original members, and now modern rock legends, Lwin and the band's bassist and founder Leigh Gorman reunited last summer to play a 25th Anniversary party for mega Los Angeles rock station KROQ at their Inland Invasion concert in Southern California (the event proved to be the station's fastest selling event ever). Alongside other bands on the bill including The Cure, Hot Hot Heat and Duran Duran, Bow Wow Wow played a lively daylight set with Young on drums and Phil Gough, of reggae band Common Sense, playing guitar. After having a blast onstage in front of 30,000+ people, the band decided to continue doing what they do best - playing killer live shows. The overwhelming response from the gig encouraged the band with its updated line-up to hit the road this summer.

To prepare for the KROQ show, Gorman spent five weeks with No Doubt's drummer perfecting the rhythm section by teaching Young the unique Latin and Burundi technique of drumming. Ironically, Young began drumming as a teenager listening to new wave (including Bow Wow Wow), punk and ska in the Orange County, CA music scene. In his own words "It's a dream come true to play with a band I grew up idolizing. I feel like a kid back in the sand box."

Dates are as follows:

Jul 15, Long Island, NY, Downtown
Jul 16, New York, NY, BB Kings
Jul 17, Boston, MA, Middle East
Jul 23, Los Angeles, CA, Key Club
Jul 24, Santa Ana, CA, The Galaxy Theatre
Aug 6, San Francisco, CA, The Pound
Aug 7, Fairfax, CA, 19 Broadway
Aug 13, San Diego, CA, Canes

- Kim Taylor
July 14, 2004