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Alaska Thunderfuck Surprises Fans
with Her New “Vagina” Release

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Photo credit: Magnus Hastings
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Los Angeles, CA - May 24, 2019 - “This new album-- "Vagina" -- is a return to form for classic Alaska Thunderfuck music:  Hard electronic beats, songs about taboo body parts and lewd sexual acts, some total nonsense, and of course lots and lots of swear words.  But within all of this filth and frivolity, I hope some real meaning is able to seep through.  The album is called "Vagina" because it continues a movement through the chakras of the body.  My first album was "Anus," and the next chakra above that one is the genitals.  Naturally, the Vagina, the portal of all life, and the passage through which every human being comes into being was the only choice for the album title.  In the wake of the current political climate, where women's bodies are being regulated and controlled by men, I think the title grabs people's attention and it's a little dangerous.  I like that.”  – Alaska Thunderfuck



1.  Vagina

This song is a feminist anthem inspired by the Me Too and Time's Up Movements.  (It should also come with the caveat that not all women have Vaginas, and this song is for all women.)  I am not a female impersonator, and when I perform in Drag I am not dressing up "like a woman,"-- In fact I am worshipping at the altar the Divine Feminine and of all Womankind.  This song reflects that sentiment and I think it's the most important song on the album. 

2.  Leopard Print

Leopard print is my current obsession.  Since I've become obsessed with leopard print clothing, I've started to notice it in every facet of culture currently and even in the past.  Everything must be leopard print. 

3.  Everybody Wants To Fuck Me

I believe the message of this song is the underlying subtext behind most social media.  I spend all day looking at pictures of myself, and then I post pictures and videos of myself.  Because everyone wants to look at me.  Everyone wants to fuck me.  But what would happen if the switch got shut off one day and everyone's Instagram followers went back to zero? 

4.  Walk Into the Club

All of our favorite pop songs have a line about walking into the club.  So I wrote a song that is just about walking into the club.  I stole this idea from either Bob the Drag Queen or Trixie Mattel during a dressing room chat. 

5.  Getting Kicked Out (of Micky's on a Monday Night)

This song is based on a time that I didn't eat dinner and proceeded to have a few too many whiskeys and wines and ended up getting kicked out of West Hollywood Drag club Micky's on a Monday night.  The next day I woke up and I was ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief.  But I thought, if I can make something out of this terrible experience, maybe it won't be for nothing.  So I took my shame and vomited it into this song. 

6.  Cellulite (feat.  Big Dipper)

This is a song about fetishizing fat guys.  I like them. 

7.  Drip (Jodie Harsh Mix)

I think waterspouts are underrated.  There are so many songs about fucking, which can be a risky and dangerous behavior.  But piss is sterile and fun, and I think more people should be into it.  So this is a Piss anthem. 

8.  Snaked (Ellis Miah Mix) -

When All Stars 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race aired, I became known as the queen of snakes.  As a result, many designers made me clothes that were snake themed.  I had all of these clothes saved up and I wanted to feature them in a beautiful way.  So Ellis and I wrote this song, and then I teamed up with Brad Hammer to feature all of the snake clothes in a music video. 


Photo credit: Magnus Hastings
Click image for high res download

9.  Frances

This is a song about a young business woman named Fran Fine, who follows her heart of gold and in turn finds the family she's always wanted and the man of her dreams. 

10.  Pride

This is the little sister to "Hieeee."  It's a song about how to do Pride properly, complete with cracking fans and throwing shade.

11.  Twisted

A feel-good bop about getting wasted on various substances-- but none of them seem to compare to the feeling of love. 

12.  Land of the Midnight Sun

Sometimes I find it hard to say my feelings, and instead I run away from conflict and confrontation.  This song is about that, and is an apology to anyone I may have hurt by doing that.  It's also named after the state of Alaska, which is called "The Land of the Midnight Sun" because in the summer the sun stays out all night.