Back to Tyrone Wells


by WBOS radio commentator and
longtime Boston Globe correspondent Steve Morse:

Tyrone Wells, "Hold On,'' Unversal Republic Records. This West Coast singer has written some of the best new love ballads of the year. He has a gently soulful voice that exudes honesty on emotive tracks such as "Sea Breeze'' and "Looking at Her Face.'' He's earnest and sometimes pushes the sugar meter, but there's no denying his innate talent. Is there still room for a sensitive singer-songwriter like this? Let's hope so. And kudos to his anti-war song "What Are We Fighting For?,'' which starts out with Curtis Mayfield's
"people get ready'' line and burrows in from there. And the song "Jealous Man'' is simply remarkable - a moving treatise on the self-destructive nature of jealousy.