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By Amy Chong, February 26, 2007

Tyrone Wells
Hold On
(Universal Republic; February 2007)

With a soulful voice and rock, pop and funk infused rhythms, Tyrone Wells takes his fourth album on tour this March. Wells has come a long way from his initial performances as a college student in Fullerton, CA, playing weekly gigs at a local coffee shop. As word spread and his talent improved, Wells began performing at other locations in Hollywood, and sold three independent albums “out of the trunk of my car” before connecting with Universal Republic and producing his first studio album February 2007 titled Hold On.

As his first full band album, there is ample opportunity for Wells to incorporate more rock into his sound. Songs like his single “What Are We Fighting For?” deliver a personal and connecting aspect to issues that affect today’s generation amidst the collection of love songs that make up the majority of the rest of the album. His lyrics are personal but occasionally have difficulty matching the instrumentation, particularly during quiet ballads. However, he continues to grow vocally and musically, with a few peak songs including rock filled “She’s Leaving”, vocally talented “Dream Like New York” and love songs “Falling” and “Hold On”. Give this upcoming musician a try on March 8th at SoHo.