Back to Tyrone Wells No one could accuse Tyrone Wells of resting on his laurels while harboring a sense of entitlement or delusions of grandeur. Since 2000 the Spokane, WA, native has worked his proverbial butt off navigating a steady career path of nightclub appearances, college tours and independent recording dates.

While attending college in Fullerton, CA, he had been writing songs and was seeking a place to perform. “I approached this coffee shop called McClain’s and asked if I could play Thursday nights there,” says Wells. “I could hardly play guitar and my fingers were shaking, but each week I started getting better and the audiences grew. Eventually I branched out to other venues in Hollywood as I got more popular and sold albums out of the trunk of my car.”

Wells recorded a series of self-financed releases until May of 2006 when, no doubt upon observing the buzz that was circulating around his soulful and energetic live shows, the majors came calling.

“I made three independent records prior to my current one,” says Wells. “The fourth one was weird because it seems that you’re pushing forever to be heard and then there’s this tipping point that happens and things finally get rolling for you.”

Via a close friend, his music got in the hands of manager Tyler Bacon who, along with Universal Republic, paralleled a route of success for Wells through Bacon’s connections with various music supervisors on many hit TV programs and films.

“We showcased for six or seven labels and got multiple offers,” says Wells. “A lot of the other labels were good, but felt more corporate. Universal Republic still has an independent feel. They seemed warmer and kinder.”

The new album, Hold On, will be released Feb. 6th.

––Eric A. Harabadian