Back to Tyrone Wells CD Review: Tyrone Wells holds his own with new release 'Hold On'
By: Stephanie Clines
Posted: 4/30/07
Tyrone Wells combines pop, soul and rock on his fifth release titled "Hold On," which came out in February 2007.

Wells was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. It's no wonder why he sings with such a soulful voice. He grew up the son of a preacher and was only allowed to sing gospel music.

I will admit that I was a little reluctant to listen to this album at first. I was expecting him to be a rock musician and I am an R&B kind of girl. But since I happen to be open-minded, I decided it was worth a try. I was happy that I did. Not one time did I feel the urge to skip any of the songs. For those of you that are not already fans, you will be hooked after one listen.

"Hold On" offers 12 tracks of easy listening. Each is a love ballad with an added jazzy-blues feel. Love for a woman and love for each other as human beings is what he talks about.

The first track, "What are we fighting for," talks about why we should not hate each other. He also talks about us ending the war. He says that it is time for forgiveness and that love should teach us the way.

Wells can definitely hold his own. Instead of relying on background singers, he supplies all the vocals on all but one track, "Sea Breeze," where he enlists the help of an unnamed woman for the chorus. He is a true musician and, in my opinion, really does not need any background vocalists.

One thing that I found appealing was that the instrumentals were played by an actual band and not a synthesizer. Wells plays the acoustic guitar, while Jason Lomheim plays the guitar. Aaron Bishop plays the bass and Mark Chipello plays the drums, percussion and cajon.

The instruments give each track a very unique and mellow sound. They are not intrusive, unlike some songs where the music overpowers the vocals. Each instrument adds just the right touch. As I listened, I imagined myself in a sea of fans, all of us holding our lighters up and waving side-to-side. I felt like I was there.

Wells' voice pulls you into every single minute of each song and makes you listen to what he has to say. It is powerful and very clear. The lyrics were not complicated and each song made sense. If there was a genre called rock-soul, this would be one album that fits the bill. I would not be surprised if one of the tracks on this album were chosen as the opening song on a hit television show such as "The O.C." or "One Tree Hill." "Fallen" would make the perfect soundtrack for either of this hit shows.

"Jealous Man" was one that really got my attention. He says that there are two things that other men should know about his woman. One: leave her alone, and two: leave her alone. Any man that does not comply with this rule will be sorry. Wells says, in the song, "Cause if you don't, they'll be looking for your bones." This track is heavy on the instrumentals, especially the drums, which really help to get his point across. The use of the drums during the chorus makes the track sound powerful and shows just how serious he is about his woman.

"Looking at Her Face" shows Well's softer side. You can hear the violin being played in the background, which gives the song a very romantic edge.

He tells us all how he has been showered with grace. All he wants for the rest of his life is to be able to look into this beautiful woman's face. All things are great when he is looking at her face and into her eyes.

Overall, I was far from disappointment, each track was very unique in sound and easy to listen to. This album is perfect for a rainy day or when you just need to relax.

With his soulful voice, Wells pulls you into each song and will have you "holding on" until the end. If you want more information on Tyrone Wells, you can visit his Web site at

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5