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by Brittany Sturges, Temple ’08

Tyrone Wells, a recording artist for Universal, is coming to the World Café Live on Sunday, April 29, to give Philly a little taste of his music. He’s only been to Philly once, and has never played here before. I was recently able to speak with Tyrone, via phone, while he was in St. Louis on one of his few days off.

Wells has gone from selling CDs out of the back of his car to selling out some of L.A.'s major clubs, like the Viper Room and the House of Blues.

After recording and independently funding his current CD, Hold On, Wells was approached by several labels, including Universal.

“It was weird," he said. “Up to that point in my career, I had never spoken to a record label. I liked being independent and doing my own thing.”

When asked why he chose his record label, he said, “I liked Universal the best because of the people. They just bought the record and released it as is. They told me that they were businessmen, not musicians, and that what I was doing was working.”

The 12-track release is addicting, with the right combination of soul and pop-rock. Wells wrote the opening track, “What Are We Fighting For?” after he watched the news one evening and became fed up with the negativity.

His music sounds slightly like that of Maroon 5, but deeper and with more soul.

What should you expect from his show? Well, you’ll hear the music (of course), some talking, and even some yodeling.

Yes, yodeling.

Wells explained that his grandmother and father had taught him how to yodel when he was younger.

“I only do about 30 seconds of it—it might scare people," he said.

The solo artist will be joined by his band.

When I asked him how he adjusted from playing by himself to playing with a band, he said,

“It was a pretty seamless transition. We’re playing pretty regularly now. There are the occasional three or four acoustic songs to maintain the intimacy with the audience.”