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Interview: Tatum Lynn Releases New Album ‘Let Down Your Hair’

Submitted by PatrickMcD [1] on March 1, 2021

LOS ANGELES – Tatum Lynn is an accomplished musical force to be reckoned with – Pop Music’s new Indie Princess – and has accomplished more industry milestones in her 21 years than some artists achieve in a lifetime. Beginning at age 10, Tatum’s dedication, drive and originality has allowed her to stand out from her peers.

Her hard work and effort came to fruition at age 19, as “Later Baby XO” [18] broke into the Billboard Top 40 and has garnered over one million YouTube views. Since that initial brush with fame, Tatum’s star continues to grow and shine brightly. Her first full length album “Let Down Your Hair” is being released on March 5th, 2021, and features 14 tracks … order in advance by CLICKING HERE [19].

Tatum has released two album cuts including ”Closer” [20] along with a special live studio performance [21] and the lyric video [22]. Additionally, Tatum released her first single and video ”Let Down Your Hair” [23] (dance designed and directed by “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Benji Schwimmer) and is available on all formats by CLICKING HERE [24].

Jeff Doles of HollywoodChicago.com recently had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming album with Tatum Lynn.

HollywoodChicago.com: What is your recording process in creating the album and what are you favorite cuts?

Tatum Lynn: What I like to say about this album is that there’s a song on there for everyone. Whether it’s losing a friend, going through a break up, trying to figure out where you stand, or even celebrating differences, you can find a song for you.

The process was long, but worth it. I had the opportunity to create this album with some amazing co-writers and producers from Los Angeles to Minnesota. The record is what it is today because of these incredibly talented people. My top two favorite songs on the album are ‘Closer’ and ‘I’m The Dancer Now.’

HollywoodChicago.com: ‘Let Down Your Hair’ was written to empower your fans to rise up against the bullying that occurs on social media. Does this issue resonate with you personally? Is that why you felt it was important for you to champion this message?

Lynn: I personally believe social media is a great resource for people to stay connected, especially during this pandemic. But recently I’ve been seeing more negativity throughout my social media timeline and it just made me sad. Seems like a lot of people forgot to love others and especially theirselves. I wrote “Let Down Your Hair” to remind people to not listen to the hate in the world and to love who they are while not holding back.

HollywoodChicago.com: Your cover of Post Malone’s ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ showcases your incredible vocal range and powerful voice. What was the process like to get approval to cover the song? Have you heard from the group?

Lynn: I wish I could say I’ve heard from artist about any of my covers, but crossing my fingers that they might come across it someday … and maybe even ask to do a duet. [laughs] My dream is for Post Malone to hear this song!

HollywoodChicago.com: How are you staying connected with your fans during the pandemic and what are you looking forward to once everything opens up again?

Lynn: As mentioned before, social media has been essential to stay in touch with my fans. I always get messages and comments from them and it just makes me happy to know they are still there. I’m looking forward to being able to connect with them in person and to be able to hug them again!

HollywoodChicago.com: What else would you like to share with your fans in regard to your March 5th album release?

Lynn: I’m so excited to share this music with the world. It means so much to me, and I hope everyone can feel that by listening to my words. No matter your mood or how your day is going, there is a song for everyone on this album.

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“Let Down Your Hair,” the latest album by Tatum Lynn, is being released on March 5th, 2021. Click on the title to hear Tatum Lynn’s covers of Post Malone’s ”Hollywood’s Bleeding” [30] and No Doubt’s ”Just a Girl” [31].