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Mike Peters Interview

Mike Peters and The Alarm just wrapped up their annual tour of the United States with four stops in the State of Florida.  We had a chance to sit down with the legendary front man before his show at Orlando’s Social.

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The Alarm have been sharing their touring experience on a fun and insightful podcast called On Tour Age. The podcast provided precious insight into their journey across the Lower 48.  This year’s tour has been especially fun for Peters, as he has crisscrossed the country with his wife Jules and their two sons by his side.

Mike Peters always has a powerful vibrance about him, but when he’s talking about his family, he absolutely glows.

He shared his thoughts on the tour. “We all love it.  It’s been great in this time of our lives.  We’re more in control to create an environment to bring the kids out.

“It’s all-inclusive and we all get along like a big family. We have a great time.” Peters shared with a large smile plastered on his face.  

In total, there are ten people on the tour bus. Listening to the podcast, and watching the crew set-up in the venue, you can sense that they all really do get along swimmingly.  Surprisingly, the advent of self-drive tour buses has made the touring experience a much better one for Peters and his extended family.

“We plan out our itineraries ourselves and if we want to stop and go to the cinema, or if we want to see the Grand Canyon, we can. It has liberated the tour itinerary for us and we make the most of it.” 

Peters actually spends some of his time piloting the tour bus.

“I drive it quite a lot. I like it. I think it’s a sense of reality. When I’m at home I drive, so why not here? I drove through Joshua Tree National Park with my sons up front. It was amazing seeing the landscape open up and you’ve got your two young boys with you. Those are special moments.”

Being a touring rock performer brings additional challenges when you’re a devoted husband and father, but Peters and his family have figured out how to make it work. 

Peters shared “We’ve always made the time for each other. Since the 90’s the Alarm has really been a family business. My mom is involved and Jules’ Mom and Dad both are.  But having the opportunity to bring the family is something that I’ve always wanted to happen, and I’m lucky to have been able to bring it about really.”

We had noticed the two young Peters boys helping unload the equipment as we walked in. It’s all part of Mike’s plan for the family’s summer.  “I think it’s character building for them to be on the tour working with the team, and interacting with those adults broadens their horizons.

“They’ve seen some amazing things, and they’re better kids for it. They’re having a fantastic time. Of course they miss home and their friends but it is only for the summer holidays. Unlike a lot of musical parents where the husband or wife may go out to tour and the family is apart during that time, we’ve been able to sidestep that for most of our lives.”

Jules and Mike celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on this tour in Albany.  The strength of their marriage is rare in the musical landscape.  Mike provided a little insight, “People you fall in love with who respect you and love you back, they’re the ones you’re going to walk through life with. Acquaintances might be with you for 2 years, or 10 years, or 15, but the ones you love are with you forever.”

Speaking with Peters, it becomes clear his parenting approach and outlook on life were significantly shaped by his own upbringing.  “My parents were like, ‘Look Mike, no matter what you want to do in life, we are behind you and know that if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay. We’re still behind you.’ So, I was sent out into the world with a feeling that I couldn’t really fail at anything. Failure didn’t exist in the eyes of my parents. It’s just a learning curve until you find out who you want to be.” 

It’s obvious that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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