Return to The Alarm


In this day and age there are countless classic rock bands visiting our state riding on the coattails of prior hits and milking their fans for one last dollar grab. The Alarm are one refreshing exception. Mike Peters and friends have continued creating meaningful new music, and they are headed to Florida to share that music soon.

Fresh on the heels of the release of their excellent new album Sigma, the band is touring the United States and headed to Florida for 4 shows in early September. Peters shared a bit of insight into the tour:

“The Sigma Tour will bring out the best that The Alarm has to offer, and along with our friends Modern English and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, we look forward to taking part in an evient that will hopefully, live long in the memory for all our fans. Our music, which still gets played on the radio every single day, gives us all a platform for creativity that will shine through every second of the Sigma Tour. Fans can expect collaboration, moments of reflection, camaraderie and also the unexpected.“

The Alarm were making important rock ‘n roll in the 80’s and they are still delivering today. The subject matter has changed, as Peters writes about topics important to his current life. He is a Luekemia survivor, married to a cancer survivor and a devoted father – his life canvas is rich with opportunities and it comes through in the music.

The current line-up are pouring their energy into powerful new rock music, and delivering energetic sets every night. They’re a can’t miss band as much today as they were when they were filling arenas three decades ago. Only now, you get to experience the band in a much more intimate setting.

We caught them last year in Orlando’s Social and the show was one of the most memorable we have seen in years. (Orlando Show Review)

The current band has been touring together for years. Peters is the only original member, but they sound great live and they are a cohesive squad who seem to genuinely like each other. Simply put, it’s a ‘can’t miss’ show.


On the new album, Sigma picks up right where the scorching 2018 release Equals left off. Lots of strong tracks to sample and the music selection is pretty damn diverse. My favorites included the soaring”Brighter Than the Sun” and powerful “Love and Understanding.” The poignant “Heroine” is a beautiful ballad.

As a special treat, Billy Duffy takes over the lead on “Blood Red, Viral Black” (linked below) and his Cult roots shine thorugh. We also get to hear Dave Sharp make a return appearance on “Equals.”

An Alarm Podcast?

On the band’s fantastic new Podcast, OnTourAge, Gareth Jones summed the band up well, “…a band with a heritage, but not a heritage act.” It’s an important distinction, and captures my thoughts perfectly.

As for the podcast. Check it out and learn about the band, Walmart at 3AM, Pickled Beats, The role of “Hound Dog” and Smiley’s future replacement.

Sigma Tour Florida Tour Dates

Sept 5, Orlando, FL @ The Social (The Alarm/Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel only)
Sept 6, Bonita Springs, FL @ Southwest Florida Event Center
Sept 7, Miami, FL @ The Ground at Club Space
Sept 8, St. Pete, FL @ Ferg’s Concert Courtyard 

The Killers surprise Mike Peters in Wales: Rain at Cardiff Castle

Order the new album here: The Alarm Sigma