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The 10 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week


There's no shortage of great concerts to see in the Valley as we roll through the final days of July and into August. This week, for instance, you can check out such artists and acts as ska-punk stars Reel Big Fish and Bowling for Soup, local legends Jimmy Eat World, death-metal fiends Decrepit Birth, or rock out with Hannah Wicklund and the Steppin Stones.

You can also check out some next-level hip-hop artistry when Beast Coast’s Escape from New York tour rolls through town, go back to the '80s heyday of New Wave with The Alarm, or watch one-man indie dance-pop artist Robert DeLong perform using video game controllers.

The choice is yours.


The Alarm

Wednesday, July 31
Celebrity Theatre

The Alarm bring their Sigma LXXXV tour to Phoenix on Wednesday night ready to show U.S. audiences why their latest release flew up the U.K. National Album Chart just weeks after its late June release. And like a tagline from an alien-invasion movie: They are not alone.

The band that formed in Wales in 1981 are touring with a couple of acts that solidified their popularity that same decade – Modern English and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel. In those early years, The Alarm had hair as high and shirts as ruffled as many of their New Wave peers, but their pervasive rock edge allowed them to fit in a few different boxes.

The band evolved from The Toilets, a '70s punk group The Alarm’s lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Peters put together, and always have blended lyrics that boast hope-amid-despair messages atop a foundation of driving, anthemic rock 'n' roll. Alarm classics like “Sixty Eight Guns,” “The Stand,” and “Strength” are not only catchy, but also timelessly relevant. Nearly 40 years later, that same style and spirit prevail on Sigma, their newest offering. They’ll play songs both new and old during their Celebrity Theatre show on Tuesday, which starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35-$70. Amy Young