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Tamar Braxton: Logan Is a ‘Little Benjamin Button’

07/13/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Kids. They grow up so fast these days.

That definitely seems to be the case for Tamar Braxton-Herbert‘s son Logan. The star of WE TV’s Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince, says her 13-month-old is verging on a savant.

“He’s amazing,” Braxton-Herbert, 37, told PEOPLE at Gain Fling’s Music to Your Nose event during the 20th Annual Essence Music Festival on July 2.

“He’s walking, he’s talking, he’s playing the piano — he’s a little Benjamin Button, it’s crazy. I don’t know what happened, he’s not a baby anymore.”

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The little mover and shaker has some grown-up swagger, too. His look “is just like Vince’s,” she says of her son and husband Vince Herbert‘s father-son style.

“They have some of the same clothes and it’s the funniest thing. They both wear caps. It’s like his mini-me,” she adds.

But Braxton-Herbert admits she’s not on for laundry duty.

“Either my mom or his nanny will do it. I’m not the laundry girl,” she tells PEOPLE matter-of-factly. “I’m terrible! I’ve ruined too many good pieces. Some people can’t cook — well, I can’t do laundry.”

Her maternal time is spent in more meaningful ways. Says the busy singer and reality personality, “Logan goes with me everywhere and brings a normalcy to everything. I make sure he knows I’m his mother and I put him to bed every night and he wakes up to me.”

It’s something she learned from her many sibling costars.

“My sisters are great mothers,” says Braxton-Herbert. “Now, for the first time in our lives, we’re all mothers.”

On the upcoming season of their show “a lot of things are different,” says Braxton-Hebert. “We’re just trying to find our place and where we fit in the sisterhood.”

– Janine Rayford Rubenstein