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The Night I Became a Tamartian
Tamar Braxton performs at the Filmore Charlotte

Tamar Braxton has officially earned a fan.

The starlet is known for her catch phrases and captivating persona. A personality that warrants imaginary BFFs. After experiencing her live at the Fillmore in Charlotte on Wednesday, May 21, she has proven that big sister Toni isn’t the only songstress in the family.

Nothing speaks to the soul like a celebrity that’s the same on and off camera. The Tamar you see featured on “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar and Vince” is the same Tamar you’ll see in concert.

Her quirky nature and pure fabulousity is seen in every flip of that flawless lace front and heard in that signature laugh.

She performs in full diva mode equip with water breaks, wardrobe changes and live vocals. Yes! She actually sings, well!

There was never a dull moment. The DJ kept the crowd energetic before her entrance and she interacts with the audience throughout the show, whether it offering relationship advice or inviting fans on stage to sing.

During a brief intermission her back up dancers even gave lap dances to a few lucky ladies.

Tamar puts on a well strung together and formatted show. In a room full of Tamartians –Tamar fans, ranging from teens to mid 40s she still manages to create intimacy with the audience.

But, what’s a diva without her king? Looking over my shoulder I see hubby, Vince watching his wifey serve life.

If there was any debate on whether she’s worth the tickets, allow me to silence skeptics.

Please “get your life” and experience Tamar Braxton in concert!