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Tamar Braxton on Her First Solo Tour: "People Don't Know I Can Drop It Like It's Hot"
By Laurie Charles Fri., May 2 2014 at 8:00 AM Write Comment
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"Let me get Tamar on the phone for you. Don't hang up," says a man's voice on the other end of the line. After a five second pause of silence, a call comes through.

"This is Tamar right now!" laughs the singer, calling in just before soundcheck at the Times Arena in Tampa, where she's scheduled to open for R. Kelly.

"It's been amazing," she gushes, chatting about her Black Panties tour experience with Kells. "There's so much going on. You learn something new every single night. We have a ball."


The youngest of the Braxton sisters may be an opener for the night. But on May 16, she'll be kicking off her own 18-city Love and War solo tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

"I'm excited to show people another side of me and to get in my element," she says. "People don't know I can get turnt up and drop it like it's hot."

Not that we had any doubts or anything. Her wild diva ways on hit reality TV shows Tamar & Vince and Braxton Family Values roar louder than the whole Braxton gang hitting a high note.


"I'm not gonna lie, when you first have so many cameras following you everywhere, it's very awkward and weird," she admits. "But once you get used to it, you forget they're there and they become like furniture.

"But it's cool. On Tamar & Vince, you get to see Tamar the entrepreneur, the wife, the mother, just me being myself, but in a different light. On Braxton Family Values, you get to see me as Toni Braxton's little sister."