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KBU Exclusive) All Love, No War! Tamar Conquers Chicago’s Concord Music Hall
KBU Faculty June 11, 2014

Tamar Braxton has been on the scene for years. Her presence; Silent and burgeoning. Waiting for the right time to pop the cork on her bubbly personality. That cork was immediately popped 3 years ago during the premiere of Braxton Family Values- when we were officially reintroduced to Miss Tamar for the time- and she’s been pouring life into the R&B scene ever since.

We got a taste of what everybody’s been sipping up close and personal when we attended Tamar’s show at Concord Music Hall. Tamar bought it all. She effortlessly flowed through her setlist and choreography leaving three major standouts etched into my memory; The dance, the attitude, and the voice! Tamar is an extremely talented girl, she is no studio singer.

As good as her album is, her live vocals are even better. The real time Tamar flair really does add little a extra umph to songs like Love and War. Tamar definitely put Frank Gaston to work. She had a full set of dancers who lit up the background with their exaggerated and flamboyant dance moves. But at one point she threw the choreography to the side and just twerked! Yes, Tamar kept it real.

There was never a dull moment. Between songs she did mini narratives that engaged the audience. One narrative that was especially sweet was the story of her Logan. Her Chicago show fell on Logans’s birthday, and Tamar paid a special tribute to her little prince. It was so cute.

I walked away a believer and and more excited than ever to see Mrs. Hubert at the Essence Festival this fourth of July weekend. *Along with our girls Ledisi, Marsha Ambrosius, and Syleena Johnson* For those of you lucky enough to live in or around the remaining cities, the Love amd War tour wraps up June 23rd in San Franciso, I definitely recommend picking up a pair of tickets. (Yes, even the ones on Stubhub. It’s worth the price hike)

Did any of you guys attend the show?