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How Tamar was Braxton during Birmingham show? Fans at Iron City reveled in songs, sass, sex appeal

By Mary Colurso |

on June 15, 2014 at 11:21 AM

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- You didn't expect her to just stand there and sing, did you? "Get your life!"

No Tamar Braxton concert would be complete without sassy sayings, sexy costumes, booty-shaking dance routines and lots of hair flipping.

Braxton -- an R&B singer, reality TV star and talk show host -- knows exactly what her fans want, and she gave them a heaping helping on Saturday night at Birmingham's Iron City.

The main stage area was packed with about 1,300 audience members, many of whom kept cell phones and tablets raised throughout the show. Music was a big part of the proceedings -- Braxton has a Grammy-nominated album called "Love and War" -- but her homegirl wit and streetwise philosophizing were clear favorites with the crowd.

Braxton, 37, encouraged the "Tamartians" present to go after their dreams, just as she did when her career stalled several years ago. She talked about her fiery-cuddly relationship with record executive Vincent Herbert, the "Teddy Ruxpin" husband who believed in her when no one else would.

She compared romance to a battleground, celebrating her victory and urging listeners to fight for what's right. The star's pointed and pithy reflections led into songs, of course; the setlist was dotted with tunes such as "Hot Sugar," "Prettiest Girl," "White Candle," "Stay and Fight," "Where it Hurts," "Sound of Love," "All the Way Home" and "Love and War."

Braxton performed without a band, relying on heavy backing tracks. A small team of dancers added energy and eye candy, teaming with the glitzy frontwoman and taking over the stage during her costume changes.