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Sons Of Sylvia & I: The Interview
Posted by taylor blue on July 31, 2010

Sons of Sylvia consists of three brothers, Ashley, Austin and Adam. I keep on thinking how neat it would be to be able to be in a band with your family. They started out as The Clark Brothers and they won Fox’s American Idol-inspired Next Great American Band in record time and with seemingly little effort. I know that I am off to see them in concert in December (which will mark my first concert I ever go to) they are touring with Carrie Underwood and i didn’t know the connection until now. Ashley was playing the fiddle for Carrie before he auditioned with his other brothers for the show. The group is now, Sons Of Sylvia, and they have their first EP named, Revelation, out now. It’s an amazing EP I am stuck on the song, Love Left To Lose, it is an amazing song about someone that is just about ready to give up on his relationship. It’s a song that has deep beats and an infectious chorus.

I got a chance to interview, Sons of Sylvia, Ashley answered the questions.

If you could have anyone over to dinner at your house (living or dead) who would you choose? John Lennon

If you could go back in time to any time where would you choose? I would like to see Jesus in flesh walking around talking. I’d like to see what he looked like.

What are your musical influences? The Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones, The Doors, John Lennon

What’s it like being in a group with your brothers? It feels like such an honor because not a lot of people get to spend that much time with their family. We are on the same page musically and it feels like we can read each others minds when we play together onstage.

Your name was The Clark Brothers to Sons of Sylvia. Why did you end up changing it and how did you pick that name? Musically we were changing and we thought it would be a fresh start for us to change our name as we changed musically. We were sitting at a restaurant one day and Austin said “What about Sons of Sylvia?” We thought it was cool. Our mom had 11 kids and it was cool to incorporate her into our band name.

Do you have a certain process you go through in writing your music? Its always different some times we all get together and write, sometimes we co-write with other songwriters, sometimes we write alone. Whatever inspires us.

What is your favorite part of the album making process? Making an album takes everything I have in me. It keeps me up at night. I eat sleep and breath it. My favorite part of making an album is when everything finally comes together.

What would be three words to describe your music? Raw, passionate, honest

What was it like to perform on American Idol and with Carrie Underwood introducing you? It was pretty surreal and overwhelming. A dream come true.

You are currently on tour with Carrie Underwood. What is like being on tour with her? It is a blast, a dream, and too much fun. We don’t want it to end.

They are currently on tour with Carrie and you can find all the details at SonsofSylvia.com.