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Sons of Sylvia Fans Get to 'Know' New Single

Posted Sep 23rd 2010 5:30PM by Nancy Dunham

Sons of Sylvia are releasing their second single, 'I'll Know You,' from the group's album, 'Revelation,' to radio this week. The song wasn't written in a hour -- as was the band's previous single, 'Love Left to Lose,' but it was written and recorded quickly.

"We all got together and collaborated with [producers] Brian Howes and Catt Gravitt," Austin Clark tells The Boot. "[My brothers Ashley and Adam, and I] had all talked about how we wanted to write something emotional, like finding your true love and never giving up and knowing she is out there. Every song is different but this one didn't take long either. We all got together in the studio in Vancouver, Canada, and wrote it. Then we walked into the next room and recorded it."

Asked who had the idea for the song, Ashley hesitantly replies, "Well, I don't want to take credit for it, but ... [laughs]."

Apparently, the tune's subject matter also reflects the current romantic situation in which Ashley finds himself. Asked if he's currently searching for love, he responds, "Always," with another laugh.

The brothers were in Los Angeles September 21 to shoot the song's video, and they're getting ready for the next leg of Carrie Underwood's Play On tour. Their next scheduled shows are September 25 in Portland, Ore., and September 27 in San Jose, Calif. For complete dates and cities, check here. To hear 'I'll Know You,' click here.