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Sons of Sylvia preps for second CD
Originally published 01:20 p.m., October 20, 2010
Updated 01:20 p.m., October 20, 2010

Sons of Sylvia’s debut album, “Revelation,” has only been out since April — yielding the singles “Love Left to Lose” and “I’ll Know You” — but the sibling trio is already chomping at the bit to start working on a sophomore set.

“Now that we’ve got our sea legs under us as far as this first record, I wouldn’t be surprised if we just rocked a lot harder on the next one,” middle brother Austin Clark tells “Every time you play live it’s just so much fun to give it all you’ve got. So I would imagine, if anything, the next record might just be a little louder than the last.”

As to when he and his brothers might start that album, however, Clark says he “doesn’t know what I’m doing tomorrow” given the busy tour schedule Sons of Sylvia — winners of Fox TV’s “The Next Great American Band” competition as the Clark Brothers in 2007 — are keeping, primarily opening for Carrie Underwood through mid-December.

After guesting on “What Can I Say” from Underwood’s third album, “Play On,” “she kind of took us in like stray puppies,” Clark says with a laugh. “Honestly, though, she’s just been so cool to us from day one. My brother Ashley was in her band for awhile, so that relationship’s always been there. And after we won ’The Next Great American Band’ and stared making our record she asked us to do a duet on her record. We were like, ’Heck, yeah!’ It was such an honor. And then as soon as we did that she asked us to open for her tour. So she just has been the coolest supporter of our band — not only that but such a great friend, too.”

Sons of Sylvia are hoping that “I’ll Know You” will build on the showing of “Love Left to Lose,” which was co-written with Clark’s cousin Ryan Tedder and made its way to No. 39 on the Adult Top 40 chart.

“We just shot a video for it,” Clark says. “The song is beautiful. It’s a very strong love ballad, and it’s really about that hope and that dream of finding your true love and never giving up hope and knowing she’s out there — or he’s out there — somewhere. It’s a common them of you can’t give up and eventually you will find that person. And when we do it live it comes across well. It’s so passionate and so moving.”

Clark says no decision has been made yet as to whether a third single will be issued from “Revelation.”