Return to Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling marches to the beat of a different drum (or violin)

By Julie Hirschi | Posted October 18, 2012

The genre bending sounds of violin and dubstep techno music rocked In The Venue Thursday, Oct. 11 as fans young and old came to see a new phenomenon in the music industry, Lindsey Stirling.

Stirling has become an internet sensation and is now taking her experimental music on tour.

Her music of symphonic rock melds game theme music, movie and show tunes into unique compilations in the tradition of artists such as Yo-Yo Ma of using classical instruments with a modern twist. It’s classical music that you can actually dance to.

Her musical style matches her outfits, a little rebellious and a lot dazzling. With the fanciful ways she took to the stage and danced, everyone from 6 years old to 60 were dancing and captivated by her music.

Her sound is ethereal and entrancing. Elements of techno, Celtic, classical and pop music are all in the mix. Her most recent hit, “Crystalized,” combines all the best qualities to make it a hit.

During the concert she spoke of how her father used to read her the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy when she was young. Her love of the books and movies inspired her to write her own rendition of the movie soundtrack.

She proudly considered herself a nerd as a lot of her songs reflect the fantasy genre and gaming traditions. Many of her fans shared that fandom and cheered as she played her rendering of internet game sensation, Skyrim. She collaborated with Peter Hollens for vocals in this song, as he performs a wide range of a cappella and beat-boxing tunes.

Stirling has taken the internet by storm

She is an independent artist success story. At the age of five she was classically trained at violin, but her non-conformant style has brought a rise to her popularity. A BYU alumni, she has a big Utah-based following, but the internet has extended that following world-wide.

“I was told by a lot of people that what I did wasn’t marketable, that I should just give up and do other things,” said Stirling speaking to the audience during the concert. “You guys are the ones that proved them wrong, because you guys are my support. You guys are my record label.”

Stirling is one of many up-and-coming artists who have found their fame through YouTube and social media. She thanked her fans for being there and explained that she wouldn’t be where she was without them. She then spoke of what it means to overcome an obstacle before she played her song “Transcendence.”

“We all, at times, have people tell us that we’re not cool enough, we’re not pretty enough” said Stirling. “We’re the only ones that decide that and that’s why I wrote Transcendence because I really feel that I’m better off as a result of beating the obstacles I had to overcome.”

Stirling writes, composes and choreographs all her own performances. She is currently on tour promoting her self-titled album release. Visit iTunes to hear samples of her music or visit her YouTube channel.