Return to Lindsey Stirling Grrl Gab w/ Rock n Roll Violinist Lindsey Stirling

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to speaking with an amazingly talented violinist/singer, Lindsey Stirling, currently holding a staggering 100 million Youtube views. A fifth season, America’s Got Talent contender, she is finally getting ready to hit the road, and drop her debut album as well, starting September 18. We talked about her musical beginnings, guilty pleasures, and advice for working musicians.

ASMS: When did begin playing violin?

LS: I began playing violin at the age of six.

ASMS: What were some of your favorite musicians growing up?

LS: This is quite funny but, my first album was Britney Spears, “Hit Me Baby One More Time…”, my parents brought me up on some classical music, the Beatles, Earth, Wind & Fire, and definitely Michael Jackson

ASMS: You’ve garned 100 million YouTube views from your videos, how does it feel to know that your music has impacted so many people?

LS: It feels so incredible to know that I’m able to touch so many lives through my music.

ASMS: Do you think that social media has hindered or helped the music industry?

LS: Of course! I think it’s helped a lot! It’s definitely harder to stand out as a musician. Especially for those musicians who have the creativity/talent but don’t always have the ability to have a label finance a project.

ASMS: Do you have any guilty pleasures? Food, film/tv show, or music…?

LS: I have a big sweet tooth, and I love milkshakes, Better Than Sex Cake. I love watching The Bachelorette, as for music, I’m definitely a big dance/pop music kinda girl, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and One Direction are some of my faves.

ASMS: Favorite home-cooked meal?

LS: My mom’s Mexican dinner! I’m from Arizona, so I have a place in my heart for killer Mexican food!

ASMS: How has the current tour been?

LS: It hasn’t started yet. It begins in two weeks! Lately, I’ve been finishing the album, I’m in my last session, its mastered and ready to go. I’ve meeting with my band, they’re in LA and I live in Utah, and I recently filmed with EXTRA which will showing in a few weeks. So, I’ve just been really busy!

ASMS: Are there any plans to release any YouTube tutorials of your songs?

LS: I’m starting my 2nd YouTube channel called Lindsey Time for tutorials, and just a place to chill with my fans!

ASMS: Are you excited to perform at World Cafe Live in Philly?

LS: Yes, I’ve never been to Philly, so it’ll be my first time! I like to take my audience on a journey, doing game covers/rock opera, it’s a sorta electro high energy show that I’m definitely excited about!

ASMS: Do you have any advice for working/budding musicians?

LS: Be prepared to work really hard.

ASMS: Describe yourself in three words.

LS: Energetic. Creative. Hard working.

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