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Show Review : Red Sun Rising ask The Chameleon Club “Do you Feel Free, Free to Be Yourself”


March 23, 2018

The Chameleon Club   Lancaster, Pa 

Show review by Kristin Welcome

Pictures by Jason Cavanaugh

The crowd is buzzing, hanging on every riff, on every song, and lyric, and by now we have heard Red Sun Rising greats like, “Push” the bands opener; “Death Wish,” “Amnesia,” and “The Other Side”.

The Chameleon Club, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with its slightly under 1,000 people club capacity, is brimming with people in general admission, and on the upper level balcony looking down. They are all unified, singing and dancing along and the ambient haze and overall dankness of the club, reminiscent of a Punk Rock venue; with a hole in the wall zeal, lends itself to the mood.

Forgotten is time and place, it could as easily be the late 1960’s, Doors era with Jim Morrison at the helm. Mike Protich lets loose on the stage, in between dancing, singing, and commanding the audience. His style harkens back to that era, with a definite psychedelic quality, while the band pivots between a psychedelic sound infusion to a gritty, driving, in your face, Hard Rock punch.

The crowd seems to stay in tune with Protich on every song; Ryan Williams blasts out guitar solos; with his blonde hair, blowing majestically in a breeze that seems to come from somewhere; Dave McGarry brings power to the sound with his guitar riffs, coupled with Ricky Miller’s eclectic, funk fusion on bass, and the driving beats of Pat Gerasia on drums.

The crowd is hypnotized by the sounds, and Protich stops and he asks the crowd, “ Do you feel free?” and the question falls on silence for a moment, from our hypnosis we are charged back to our current state of affairs, the crowd seems to ponder that question, amidst of the political and social chaos of our times, if only for a moment; then Protich finishes his sentence, “Do you feel free to be yourself,” and the crowd goes wild, as Protich beckons them to dance with him, as the band begins the first notes of “Imitation” a hard driving song, commanding one to be oneself.

Red Sun Rising has created that space for every person in the crowd, young, old, devoid of color, race, or creed, freely dancing, freely singing, freely being themselves as they rock along and jump along to the beats of the song.

Take everything you have ever heard on the radio from Red Sun Rising and you will have not gotten even half of the experience of what is to see them live. To not only hear the songs, you love but the feel the ambience, the mood, and to enjoy the experience created by this band. With the ability to deliver a live show such as this, and to move an audience in such as way it is no wonder these Akron, Ohio natives have cascaded into stardom in such a short time.

To show off their musical prowess Red Sun Rising also tackled their cover of Alanis Morrisette’s “Uninvited” which does the radio version of the song no justice, as its raw and edgy vibe came full circle from the intimate stage of The Chameleon, leaving a certain vulnerability in the air. When the band left the stage, the crowd knew this was not the end, the lights grew dark, and there was that long pause of expectation before the encore, then they took the stage again for one last song.

Red Sun Rising ended on “Emotionless” and the crowd joined in unison, several hundred voices singing all at once, ending the night as, if for only in those moments, we were all part of one big Rock N Roll family; no boundaries, just people all there for one common reason. Red Sun Rising put on a show full of all the elements that make a rock show great, and keep people coming to shows again and again. That ability to free the audience through music, from the trials and tribulations of their life outside the venue, if only for an hour of time, will have people returning to see Red Sun Rising for years to come.