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Apr 2 Red Sun Rising Live at The Cowan

In Nashville music scene is living and breathing everywhere you go. Nashville has an inescapable quality that lets you know it’s the music city.  Unlike many cities across the country Nashville has seemly endless venues all over the town.

This was my first time attending the new Cowan at top golf in Nashville. I could not think of a better introduction to this venue then too have Red Sun Rising break my Cowan cherry while on their first ever headlining tour.

On the eve of RSR releasing their new album “Thread” The follow up to their hugely successful debut album “The Polyester Zeal”

Mike Protich the vocalist for RSR said “We wanted to release the album in Nashville; this one here is a new one from the album. If you don’t know it yet you can still dance along to it.” The band would tear into their newest release “Left For Dead”.

RSR would electrify the crowd with their newest hit single Deathwish. Red Sun Rising’s absolute energy and positive vibe can be felt and heard from the stage to the balcony of the Cowan.

RSR would play their hit single “Emotionless” along with other fan favorites like The OthersideAmnesiaPush and one of my personal favorites Unnatural not including the bands heaviest song “Imitation”. Mike, would ask the crowd do you feel free? Are you free? I feel this question could be answered in many different ways depending on who you ask.

The true fun story about this song comes from Mike’s second appearance on Revelator Show #143.  Mike talks about how originally the label did not want this song on their debut album.

Mike Protich’s vocal prowess even with this being my third time seeing the band, never fails to blow me away. I think Mike is a really in tuned, enlighten guy with a real vision musically.  RSR is making a claim for the next big band. The y really have the “It” Factor if you’re asking me. The band writes fantastic meaningful songs that people can identify with. Their live performance sets them apart. I hope these sill images from the show do them justice.