Supersuckers - Motherfuckers Be Trippin'
Mid-Fi Records
by Samuel Barker
Rating: A

The Supersuckers know what’s up in the music industry today. That’s apparent by their decision to release their latest album themselves, as well as writting the opening track of the album, Rock n’ Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year). The Supersuckers are one of the bands left that actually keep rock alive.

In a world where pop singer, who are called the “future of rock,” can hardly speak a coherent sentence, yet land movie roles and hosting gigs, the “future of rock” looks pretty damn bleak.

It’s bleak until you throw in someone like the Supersuckers. Killer riffs that hook you on songs like Bruises to Prove It and crazy, heart pumping rockers like I Will Kill You show there is a spirit left in rock music.

With the break up of bands like Zeke, the future was looking dim, but the Motherfucker in The Supersuckers get it right and aren’t afraid to let everyone know the truth.

Add in the album with the bonus section, complete with photos and videos, and you’re left with something you’ll listen to for years to come, especially when you’re looking for hope that rock isn’t forgotten.