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Life After X Factor! Chris Rene Talks “Revealing” Debut Album, Summer Release Date — Exclusive!

about 4 hours ago by Nicole Pajer

Chris Rene fans can expect his new album to come out sometime this summer! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the up-and-coming urban artist on the carpet at Perez Hilton’s b-day to discuss what Chris has been up to since wrapping his stint on Season 1 of The X Factor. Chris also discussed his experience being mentored by the legendary L.A. Reid, and gave us an exclusive sneak peak at the theme behind his forthcoming record.

How was your experience working with L.A. Reid? What did you learn and take away form that?
Working with him helped me out so much. You learn so much from him. I feel like there’s nothing that I can do to myself that can stop me. All I’ve learned is how to work really hard but when you work doing what you love it’s not work; it’s destiny. That’s the most important thing that he told me.

What do you think makes a good mentor?
I think experience and a good heart and a strong business mind. I think these things are the most important things and that’s what [L.A. Reid] has.

What have you been up to post X Factor? You just released a video for “Young Homie...”
Yes. The day after X Factor I was in the studio recording my album and it hasn’t stopped, it’s still going - everyday - every week. I started doing radio tours. I’ve never been to radio stations and met people and talked to them. Up here on this carpet, doing this stuff. So it’s really cool. It’s dope.

When is the album coming out?
Hopefully it comes out this summer

Can you give us any insider info on the songs on the album and what they are inspired by?
There’s a lot of talk about females on the album. There’s a lot of talk about what’s going on in my life today that people don’t know about that they will once the album drops so it’s going to be revealing a lot – very revealing.