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By Ralphie Aversa of 97 BHT

Jun 5

After a recent trip near our nation’s capital, the fellas from U.K. boy band One Direction found out just how big of a deal they are.

“When we met (Malia and Sasha Obama) at the Kids’ Choice Awards, they said that if we can’t come to the White House, they would come to us,” singer Niall Horan revealed on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “So they came down to the show.”

Before President Obama’s daughters took in the concert, the girls had a chance to hang out backstage with the guys at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. Horan is “a massive” fan of the President.

“We just had a conversation about everything,” he said. “It went from food to roller coasters to life to them having loads of security all the time.”

If there is one facet that the heartthrobs can relate to the First Daughters in, it’s the latter topic. Then again, after a recent tour stop in New York, perhaps Horan and company could use something similar to the Secret Service.

“Me and Liam (Payne) got mobbed,” Horan recalled. “When we’re on our days off, we just like to chill.”

Horan and Payne, accompanied by a security guard, thought it’d be a good idea to chill by walking the streets of midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately, the hoards of screaming tweens outside the band’s hotel also thought it was a good idea. Still, the trip wasn’t completely lost.

“My aunt lives in New York, so we had a barbecue,” Horan shared. “We meant to go watch ‘The Dictator,’ in the cinema, but we fell asleep.”

One Direction is currently in the midst of a sold-out tour in the States. As if you need more evidence of how popular these guys are, they’ve already announced dates for 2013’s American summer tour.

How hands-on is Antonio “L.A.” Reid with the artists on Epic Records? In the case of “The X-Factor” finalist Chris Rene, very.

“It’s track by track,” Rene said of the label’s chairman/CEO’s involvement in his forthcoming album. “I’m not going to make a track that I’m not happy with or that I don’t think represents me fully. He wants the same thing.”

The singer believes the album represents him as a whole, for both better and worse.

“It’s going to be a mixture of all kinds of different things — the highs and the lows.”

Rene has experienced both during his career, which started when he was a young teen. His path took a detour when he became a trash collector in his hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif, before battling a drug addiction that landed him in rehab. But just 10 weeks after exiting the program, Rene auditioned for the show that would yield his big break.