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Recently we collaborated up with Walmart Risers, an original performance series that takes you in-depth with some of the best new up-and-coming artists, to interview Epic Recording artist, Chris Rene. He explains the behind the scenes while working with Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony after being one of the finalist on X Factor's Season One. Claude was Chris' vocal coach on the X Factor, but even after the show ended the two found time to pair up after the competition to work together in the studio for his new single "Rocking With You". We asked Chris about his experiences with Claude.


Talk to us about your experience with Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony. What was your mindset when walking into the studio with them?

Going in the studio with Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony was super cool! I already worked with Claude on the X Factor (as my vocal coach) and I met Chuck a bit later. Originally how "Rocking With You" came about, was when we were working on a different song together. But we were stuck and we couldn't get the files sent over to us in time [while in the studio]. Then Claude showed me another song he had in his back pocket. He told me to write an 8-bar verse on the track and we cut the song together in an hour and a half and the rest is history.

Your tattooed up on both arms. Which is the latest on you got inked?



The latest tattoo is the Redwood trees, the city, and then pyramids. It's a mix of ancient times with today. The other night I gave myself a tattoo -- upside down! I'm from the east side of Santa Cruz, I grew up in Live Oak (Southern Cali) and 30th Avenue. I drew in bricks where the "Believe" tattoo is on my arm. It was the first time I gave myself a tattoo.