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Chris Rene On His Debut Album 'I'm Right Here:' "I Wanna Make Music That Makes Me Happy"



Riding the tidal wave of his debut album I’m Right Here, Hollywire favorite Chris Rene is adjusting to his success quite nicely. Chelsea Briggs recently caught up with the former X Factor contestant before his show in LA and played a special edition of the Hollywire Hot Seat!

Going off tracks from his album, Chris chatted with Chels about his most romantic moment, what items he’d bring with him to a desert island, advice to his younger self and oh-so-much more. And of course there was some random singing going on during it.

Adjusting to the music industry can be quite a challenge, but one piece of advice Chris has is simple: just be yourself! “It’s a learning experience because, ultimately, when it comes from the heart it’s always good. I’m not trying to be nobody or look like nobody or sound like nobody,” he said. “I wanna sell records but I wanna make music that makes me happy and makes other people happy.”

Also, a fan fact to end you with: when we last caught up with Chris at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, he told us that his next single would be Rockin’ With You. He just so happen to be recording the music video for the song during the show! Keep your eye open for a Hollywire cameo in that one.